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October 1962 “Extra” Jeep News

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This eight-page October 1962 issue of Jeep News introduces the Gladiator and Wagonneer. So, it may not be too surprising that this entire issue covers these new jeeps.

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5 Comments on “October 1962 “Extra” Jeep News

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Years ago, the late Ron Szymanski told me Jeep hired 1000 additional employees in 1962 for this line and that he was one of them. Perhaps that was referred to on page 8, bottom left re Autolite building.

  2. Mike

    I remember the day when the NEW Wagoneer was first seen on TV. We were at Uncle Joe’s house on Chambers Ct in Clifton having Sunday dinner, (Crown roast) the TV was left on so I could break away for the New Wagoneer Commercial. Might I add, a black & white TV. At 13 years old, my first impression was bewilderment, so drastically different from the styling I had known all my young life.
    Yet today, look at the current styling of the Grand Wagoneer, so radical from the first Wagoneer introduced in 1962.

  3. JohnB

    And at the introduction, who would have guessed they would be still building them…with the same basic structure… in 1991?

    Arguably, one of the iconic American automobile models.

  4. Illinois Larry

    I had a 1967 Wagoneer that I drove to Alaska in 1978 and 1981. They were the first luxury SUV’S, and well ahead of their time.

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