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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 5

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UPDATE: I’ve added a few Good Humor truck pics from Mike at the bottom of the post.

This eight-page issue of Jeep news Volume 10 Number 5begins on page one with KJC announcing it would be co-sponsoring the World Series of Golf, which was the first sports tie-in of which I’m aware. In addition, TB commercials for KJC would begin appearing on CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. I wonder if this rise in visibility was the result of the ad agency KJC brought on board? Pages two and three continue the sponsorship and commercials threads.

Page four shares the news that 16-year-old Howard Bartoo, Jr., won the 1964 ‘Jeep’ Derby held at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Also on page four is a photo of Good Humor’s new jeep trucks, with specially made insulated bodies by the Hackney Brothers body Company, from Wilson, North Carolina. Just below the Good Humor trucks is a photo of a Deibler Trackless Train, produced by the company of the same name out of Manhattan, Kansas. The train’s “Engine” is a jeep chassis with a special body atop it.

Much of page five covers the three CJ-6s jeeps used for tourists at Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina. You can find more pics of the jeeps here. Page six takes readers around the world for a few stories.

Page seven introduces the Meyer Products Jeep Cabs to dealers, though not mentioned was their previous history as Orrville cabs. Page eight contains a variety of photos.

1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-1 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-2 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-3 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-4 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-5

These Good Humor trucks have seen better days! Thanks to Mike for sharing them. He notes, “These were from about 15 years ago, the ones in the driveway was in Pa, he was going to restore, and never got around to it.”

mike-good-humor-truck1 mike-good-humor-truck2 mike-good-humor-truck3


9 Comments on “1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 5

  1. Mike

    Some Jeep ice cream trucks made it to the Fairfield, NJ Good Humor depot, what I found interesting was the fact that this being 1964, they still were the old body style with amber parking light lenses. mush later in the 1980’s a Jeep Good Humor ice cream truck was parked in front of the Dairy Queen on Main Ave Passaic, NJ for many years.
    Found another one in Florida, that ended up in Pennsylvania siting in someone’s driveway in pieces, rusty, that was about 15 years ago. I have some pictures.

  2. CraigInPA

    My uncle was a Good Humor man during summers in High School and College. The family had Good Humor napkins year-round because the depot insisted the drivers install a fresh package each morning, so he took the leftovers home. The funniest thing about this is, back then, the napkins had a hole in the center. Next to the hole was written “Place Stick Here”. That, combined with a Good Humor logo, made everyone aware that they got their napkins for free.

  3. Mike

    Being this was 1964, the old style open cab truck was a thing of the past. Good Humor was already updating it’s fleet with step vans having the freezer units mounted inside. So this style Jeep Good Humor truck was doomed to fail even before it got started.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    If he couldn’t restore that truck, those side panels would go for a couple grand each to the sign people.
    “Next, on American Pickers, Mike and Rob find a pair of rare …..”

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