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1950s? Woman, Jeep & Eskimo Pies Sign on eBay

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Steve shared this ice-cream related photo.

View all the information on eBay


Vintage original snapshot photo, circa 1950’s.
Dimensions: 5″ x 3 1/2″
Condition: Good, surface creases/wrinkles, bit of album paper remnants on back, see scan.”

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1964 FJ-6 Visalia, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

Bumpers and wheels/rims aren’t original.

“1964 jeep willy fj 6 fleetvan ice cream truck every thing is original only I changed regular to alternator”


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Eye-Catching Ice Cream and Diaper Service Jeeps

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UPDATE: This was previously published in July of 2014.

This great article from the July 1947 issue of W-O Sales News highlights the use of jeeps as ice-cream distributors and as a diaper service. Companies highlighted include Better Brands Ice Cream Novelties, Swell Time Ice Cream Corporation, and Wee Folk Laundry.

1947-willys-overland-sales-news3-1000px 1947-willys-overland-sales-news7-1000px

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1974 FJ-BC Ice Cream Truck **SOLD**

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**SOLD** Was $6500.

“$6500 obo/possible trade. It includes two power inverters. Three Brand New Batteries and Chargers. Two New Freezers. 25 foot Flag pole that is retractable. Custom battery station. I have also recently paid a local garage $3600 to rewire and add all new electrical to the vehicle with Hi Amp Alternator and New Starter. Needless to say, it has a lot that has been done. It is a 1974 FJ-8C and very fun to drive.”

fj8-tn-01 fj8-tn-0-0 fj8-tn-1 fj8-tn-2

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1981 DJ-5 Ice Cream Auburn, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.’

Needs a radiator.

“1981 Jeep Dj5 ice cream truck money making business right hand drive, 2wd, 4 cyl. Auto, was a postal jeep originally. Removable top tonneau cover . Will run and drive but needs radiator. Also has other features. $2,000”

1981-dj5-icecream-auburn-wa1 1981-dj5-icecream-auburn-wa2 1981-dj5-icecream-auburn-wa3

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1964 Ice Cream Van Fresno, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

“Its smog exempt, well kept and needs little maintenance… runs, no mechanical issues”

1964-fj6-icecream-fresno-ca1 1964-fj6-icecream-fresno-ca2 1964-fj6-icecream-fresno-ca3

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1975 DJ-5 Des Moines, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

It’s setup for ice cream.

“The most awesome icecream truck available. Runs Great! Bright orange paint inside and out. Completely updated and re-wired lighting all LED. Flashing amber rooftop light. Exterior horn to blast your classic ice-cream tunes or get new age and rock some modern icecream tunes to get the kids hyped with the amplified sub in the back. That right! This truck has beats!!! I have beefed up the starting battery with a group31 semi truck battery. There is a secondary battery bank of 3 deep cycle marine batteries that power the DC converter which in turn powers the freezer. Back windows are tinted to reduce heat so the electronics can run efficiently. I replaced all the window seals with new rubber. I even installed a battery isolator so you can run the secondary battery bank until it’s completely dead and always have a fully charged ignition battery to start up with. I also have 256 color range LED undercarriage lighting that I will install this week. There simply is not any other icecream truck that come close to being as awesome as this one.”


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1978 DJ-5 Waseca, MN $2850


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2850.

(12/31/2015) Needs some tranny work.

“Selling my 1978 Willys Ice Cream Truck. We are downsizing. It’s a great runner. Needs about $600 in transmission work says my mechanic. I’ve priced this for a quick sale. When the weather changes and you turn on the Ice Cream Music the people come running to the curb for the ice cream treats.”


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Circus Ice Cream Company’s CJ-5 Jeeps

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This December 1955 Willys News article described the purchase of forty CJ-5s by the Circus Ice Cream Company of Houston, Texas. Do those hub caps look unusual?




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1984 FJ-8 Nashville, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: ***SOLD** Was $5500.

Runs and drives, but seller has been having some carb problems.

1984-fj8-icecream-nashville-tn1 1984-fj8-icecream-nashville-tn2 1984-fj8-icecream-nashville-tn3 1984-fj8-icecream-nashville-tn4

“This is a beautiful vintage ice cream truck. 1984 AM General FJ-8C. Rare, very hard to find these days. It was formerly a mail postal truck. Freezer and shelving built in. We used it for shaved ice. We got a bigger truck so sadly, it’s time to see her go to a new home.

Runs and drives but it will stall out going up steep hills and sometimes at idle. Sometimes it’s hard to start. Drove it today and it ran great until I went up a steep hill then it bogged down and idled rough after that. Ran good a couple years ago when I drove it 500 miles from where I bought it but we left it sitting as a retail shop for one year then drove it home and let it sit in the driveway another year.

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1978 DJ-5 Ice Cream Jeep Burnsville, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

Needs a tranny. Looks in good shape otherwise.

1978-dj5-icecream-mn1 1978-dj5-icecream-mn2 1978-dj5-icecream-mn3 1978-dj5-icecream-mn4

“My loss is your gain! It needs transmission work. The shop says a rebuild would be about $600 (if I R & R). I don’t feel like it right now. I’d rather move on with my next project. It’s $1000 firm (if I can’t get that, I’ll do the tranny and sell for $2000+. You pick up (tow or trailer).

I bought this three years ago with the intent to try it out this summer as a “retirement job” but family circumstances and increased hours at my other job have cancelled that plan. I owned it just long enough to make a lot of little fixes (lube, oil, added a radio & antenna, shocks, flashing yellow light, wiper blades, installed a window washer, fixed the horn, replaced exhaust manifold gasket, new ignition switch, plugs and wires, air filter, fuel filter, tranny filter & fluid, pcv, rebuilt carb., new fan belt, coolant flush and fill with new thermostat, – and probably a couple of other things I can’t remember right now….

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FJ-8 Ice Cream Truck Thousand Oaks, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $25k.

Looks good, but not sure how seller is figuring the price, unless ice cream trucks rake in the bucks in Thousand Oaks??

“Rare and totally unique vintage ice cream truck! Runs great, engine has been rebuilt from ground up. Best marketing tool and get SO much attention! Has a current Ventura county health dept permit. comes with Honda generator. MUST SEE in person! $25K OBO.”


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1982 DJ-5 Auburn, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Looks ready to roll.

“Im moving and its time for someone else to make great cash everyday with this very nice and extremely reliable 1982 Jeep with right side drive so you’re on same side as sidewalks making it safe!! Plus theres a flashing yellow/orange light on top that works…another great safety feature!!The Jeep has current tabs and looks great with an American Flag Decor…it runs excellent!! Comes with LARGE coleman cooler (it holds a lot)…I usually would load the big cooler and use a smaller one to place right next to me for a pull one. theres an Original Nichols 32 song music box… all you need is to fill it with ice cream and a couple pounds of dry ice…turn on music…put it in drive and start making daily cash!!”

year-dj5-icecream-auburn-wa1 year-dj5-icecream-auburn-wa2


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1975 DJ-5 Ice Cream Jeep Milwaukie, OR $2500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500.

(05/09/2014) Includes working freezer.

Hi. I have an old mail jeep, right side driver that has been turned into an ice cream truck. It runs good. Has the music box. I have a clean title, its a turn key business. tag’s are good till 2015, comes with a freezer in the back. “

1975-dj5-icecream-jeep1 1975-dj5-icecream-jeep2

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Circus Ice Cream CJ-5 Photo on eBay

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This CJ-5 looks a little bit surreyish with its striped top.

“Vintage original snapshot, circa 1950’s.
Dimensions: 5″ x 3 1/2”
Condition: Very good, light corner crease, never glued in album, see scan.
“ebay scan” watermark does not appear on actual photograph”

View all the information on ebay


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Craig’s Pic of the Week

Craig from the FCConnection has offered to send a few non-FC pics our way from old editions of Jeep News and Willys News. After a minute of great deliberation and exhaustive thinking, I decided to call his weekly feature ‘Craig’s Pic of the Week’. Brilliant, yeah? Today’s pic comes from a 1964 issue of Jeep News.

In March of 2012, Mike was trying to track down the one pictured here.  It sure looks like it could have been one of the trucks shown above.

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1960 FJ3 Bossier City, LA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

Bill unearthed this from eBay.  The Genius Sno Balls FJ-3 Truck is for sale.  It lacks a motor.  It also doesn’t steer.

“Custom built snow cone truck with Southern Snow shaved ice machine, freezer, roof a/c, custom 20″ wheels & tires. This truck does not have an engine nor does is steer. It is an enclosed snow cone trailer that needs to be trailered to events. Very light weight. Plugs into 30 amp 110v electrical plug. Turns heads at all events!!! $9995 FIRM! ”

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Speaking of Ice Cream Jeeps


Just for kicks, here are a few Ice Cream DJ-5 Jeeps:

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1977 Ice Cream Truck Phoenix, Az $5900

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Mama’s Sweet Treats?  That made me laugh.

“1977 Jeep Ice Cream truck 4WD w/lockg hubs,has window a/c unit,has platform for generator,360 CID eng,std. trans.,needs a little wiring work….ran when parked last year,just what you need for a business …….asking $5,900.00 OBO………….better hurry ….SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE……..(602)214-3123”

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1964 Ice Cream Fleet Van Healdsburg, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6950.

You have to sell a lot of ice cream to break even on this.

A classic beauty.
In good running condition. Recently serviced.
Clean/current title and smog exempt.
Right side Drive and street legal.
Vehicle is 6′ wide / 11′ long / 7.5 ‘ tall
Cargo area: 68.5″ wide / 84″ long / 60 ” high
Ready for conversion to food, coffee, ice cream, espresso, delivery, advertising truck, etc.”

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Good Humor Truck

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UPDATE: This truck is now owned by Mike in Texas (this differs from the Mike who originally forwarded the information).

Mike forwarded these pictures of a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck in need of restoration.

Mike writes, “How about this for a unique Willys Jeep Vehicle: A Willys Jeep Good Humor Truck.  There were a few of these running around NJ back in the 1960’s. A few years ago, I was able to track one down in PA. The owner was in the process of restoring it. As of last year, he had run out of time and money.”

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Fleet Van Ice Cream Truck Madison, WI **SOLD**



Brian spotted this ad.  There are several different ice cream trucks this owner is selling.

“Great way to make money this summer, be the coolest guy at the car shows and cruises.
I started with a single bike and now have a whole bunch of carts, bikes, and trucks. I don’t use them all, so I’m selling off the extra ones.

1960 Ford based closed cab, cold plate freezer, complete, doesn’t run, needs to be restored. $3200.

1964 Jeep Willys Fleetvan , this is the second generation postal jeep they made. Right Hand Drive, runs good, nice body, could use some work. $3800.

1992 Westward Go-4 Interceptor , 1 of 12 built, little 3 wheel mini truck, Ford drivetrain, about 40MPG, Original Custom Ice box on back. Needs some work. $6500.

1963 Ford open cab, cold plate freezer, southern truck, original music box, needs some restoration. $7900.

1957 International , Probably last one still around, cold plate freezer, restored years ago, needs fresh gas, carb rebuild and brakes gone through from sitting. $19500.

I also have some carts, moped and a bike I’m selling
1995 Tomos Targa Ice Cream Moped. Only 340 Original Miles, cold plate freezer, about 40 MPG, Nichols music box, umbrella and bell. $3500

Newer Ice Cream Bike ( Bicycle, Tricycle, Trike) lots of custom features, bike rack, rear baskets, menu boards, umbrella, bells, custom cart skirt, napkin holder. $1200

Hackney Ice Cream Carts. Cold Plates $650 for a Small one, $950 for a Large one.”

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1966 Ice Cream Truck Las Vegas, Nv $4800

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1966_icecreamtruck_lasvegasUPDATE:  Price dropped to $4800

Brian forwarded this sweet treat to us.  This is a Willys Fleet Van.

“1966 ice cream truck / willys jeep fleetvan.  Right hand drive, 4cyl engine, auto trans, commercial glass slide top freezer, candy rack, charlie brown peanuts theme graphics, music player, up to date safety swingout & signs, all lights & blinkers operate, a/c unit, generator rack on rear bumper “generator not included” very clean little “starter” ice cream truck. $4,800 obo or trade for ??? Will return emails promptly, if your looking at this ad the ice cream van is still available.”

Here’s some ice cream truck/wagon links: