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Circus Ice Cream Company’s CJ-5 Jeeps

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This December 1955 Willys News article described the purchase of forty CJ-5s by the Circus Ice Cream Company of Houston, Texas. Do those hub caps look unusual?






2 Comments on “Circus Ice Cream Company’s CJ-5 Jeeps

  1. Mike

    Are they actually hubcaps or just the wheels painted in a pattern? I think that’s it, forms a an pattern as the Jeep moves.

  2. Neil R

    They must have been planning on selling a lot of those nickel ice creams to cover the costs of a fleet of Jeeps like that.
    Even amortizing over a few years that is still a hefty investment for a company in 1955.
    What did a CJ5 cost then? About 2K? and figure another couple of hundred to fit an icebox.
    Gas, and pay for the ice cream men meant selling a lot of push ups and rockets!
    I hope that worked out for them, I’d love to have seen a Jeep in the summer coming around the neighborhood with the ice cream man.

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