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1974 FJ-BC Ice Cream Truck **SOLD**

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**SOLD** Was $6500.

“$6500 obo/possible trade. It includes two power inverters. Three Brand New Batteries and Chargers. Two New Freezers. 25 foot Flag pole that is retractable. Custom battery station. I have also recently paid a local garage $3600 to rewire and add all new electrical to the vehicle with Hi Amp Alternator and New Starter. Needless to say, it has a lot that has been done. It is a 1974 FJ-8C and very fun to drive.”

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6 Comments on “1974 FJ-BC Ice Cream Truck **SOLD**

  1. James Frank

    Hi I am interested in your Ice Cream Truck… However where do you find spare auto parts for an AM General?

  2. Mickey Trivett

    Hi James. I have bought many parts from local autoparts stores like Auto Zone and Advanced. For the most part the parts off of a early 70’s CJ5 work on this. If you can’t find what you need then online is a ton of resources. Thanks n’s I can do better on price if you are really interested.

  3. The real icecream man

    I have a 1974 amg with a 232 CID (3.8L) engine… Really bullet proof engines and trannys in these things… Well it comes from the same family as jeep and parts will be found for the 1974 Jeep CJ5 and the firing order and specs and parts are all working out to be the same just make sure to specify if its an air conditioning or not that will make a huge difference on some of the parts… I’m turning my FJ-8A into an icecream truck which will be a nice little business for retirement. Here’s some valuable tune up info:
    232 & 258 CID firing order. 1-5-3-6-2-4 (cylinder 1 is the cylinder closest to radiator and distributor rotates clockwise and the plug #1 should go on the distributor cap closest to the front radiator)
    Spark plug gap: .033 – .037
    Points gap: .016 (set gap while its at the highest point) YouTube videos on “cj5 232 set points” keyword search are very helpful)
    The tail light bulbs are prone to water damage and rust rot/corrosion into socket where most lighting electrical issues may be found at due to a poor gasket around tail light cover. Brake light may not work due to corroded brake switch sensor.
    The vacuum advance mechanism on the distributor housing attached to the distributor should be pointing directly towards the front of the vehicle to get you close to the correct timing adjustment.

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