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December 1959 Jeep News

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This eight-page issue includes stories about Country Maid’s FC-150s ice cream trucks and Prade Ranches wagon. The Boyd’s FC was included as part of a story on the Boyd family’s travel to South America. Two different articles highlight DJ-3A dispatchers. There are two very different examples of FC-campers, which one looking quite a bit like Dan Horenberger’s old streamline camper (discussed in this Motor Trend article by Jim Allen). Also, don’t miss the last story which shows an FC with two sets of duallies on the rear.

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2 Comments on “December 1959 Jeep News

  1. JohnB

    Interesting shot of the Continental 707 and Dispatcher. Judging by the date, it is likely an original short fuselage 707-120.
    Smart idea of mounting a compressor in the back, usually starting units were trailers. A Jeep would be more maneuverable.
    Today, jets have their own APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) for starting.

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