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Kent Frost – A Man of Canyonlands

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UPDATE: I’ve added two newspaper photos to this post about Kent. One shows him signing copies of his autobiography. The other depicts him with a huge walking stick, one I’m sure could come in handy while exploring ‘his’ beloved canyons.

Even today, Kent’s shadow looms large over the area. Just this last week the Moab Museum screened the “My Canyonlands” film about him.


June 17, 1971, The San Juan Record: Kent Frost signing books.


February 11, 2004, The San Juan Record: Kent Frost holding a walking stick.


Originally published April 1, 2013:

(Above: Kent Frost on the front of his CJ-5 probably helping the driver negotiate an awkward angle)

(Originally Published April 2011) Without a doubt, my favorite part about running this website are the unexpected, interesting people to whom I’m introduced (if only virtually).  One of those people is Kent Frost, a product of the Four Corners area and whom we caught glimpses of in Alan’s color photos of the 1961 Four Corners trip.

Doug commented on one of the Four Corner posts that he had read a book by Kent Frost called “My Canyonlands”, published in 1971. I’m very happy that Doug mentioned the book, because I ordered it and have enjoyed it immensely.  Kent describes all kinds of adventures and early trips into remote areas of the four corners region.  He loved to explore and hike, later jeep and river run, and that remote area has given him a lifetime of experiences.

Perhaps most amazing is that in 2009 Kent was still alive and was featured in a documentary.  At the time of the documentary he was 92,  still driving, still hiking, and still exploring.  In fact, I think just by looking at what he uses for a camper you’ll immediately understand that he’s quite the character.

Here is a short excerpt from the movie “My Canyonlands – The Adventurous Life of Kent Frost”, created by Chris Simon:

Here are a few snapshots of his ‘camper’ that were taken from the youtube video.

And here is an example of the type of advertising Kent did for his 4wd tour business. This is an ad placed in the 1976 issue of Desert Magazine.


9 Comments on “Kent Frost – A Man of Canyonlands

  1. Doug Duncan

    Dave, my turn to thank you. I had no idea there was a documentary out there about Kent. I love the camper! Doug

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Chris, I’m sorry to see that Kent passed away in 2013, not long after I read his book.
    I’ve just ordered the DVD from your site and look forward to watching it!

    – Dave

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