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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 1

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This eight-page 1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 1 kicked off 1965 with the announcement that 1964 had been the best sales year in history. The article specifically targets the Tux Park CJ-5s as an important driver of the success. Page two shares the news that the Kaiser-backed Willys Overland do Brasil had begun building a second plant in Brazil; also noteworthy is that the Brazilian company was the largest publicly held company in Brazil at that time.

Page three contains an article about Pope Paul IV conferring the order of St. Gregory upon the President of the Industrias Kaiser Argentina S.A., which, to me, seems a curious distinction given all the other people in the world doing important things and the fact that the Knights Commander seems a fairly rare award (I tried to find the total number of recipients, but had no luck). Lower on the page is a photo of a CJ-3B carrying the Pope in Bombay, which causes the cynic in me to wonder about the timing of these two events. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Page four is dealer news. Page five covers the use of Tux Parks in former President Kennedy’s inauguration parade. We’ve seen a couple of these with the dash plaque pop up for sale since the start of eWillys. Page six tells the story of the John B. Calfee family, who traveled Europe driving a Wagoneer that pulled a travel trailer. Pages seven and eight have a few different mini-stories and photos.

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4 Comments on “1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 1

  1. JohnB


    I think you’re a bit cynical about the award from the Pope to the head of Kaiser Argentina.
    As you stayed in the previous paragraph, Kaiser was a huge player in Brazil, likewise Argentina.
    Remember back then countries were trying very hard to become “Developed” to give locals jobs and provide domestic products to help develop the country (as opposed to importing them). Lots of local people were employed making useful stuff.
    So, a good word and recommendation from the Argentinean Cardinal to the Vatican probably went a long way.

    As far as the Pope being seen in a Jeep in Bombay….that has to be a coincidence…. after all India is not exactly a hot bed of Catholicism, so giving a Papal award to an Argentinean, would mean much!
    The Pope needed a open top vehicle…so a Jeep comes to mind, better than being seen in a Rolls.
    Though given India’s background, you might have expected a Land Rover, but given the period, that might have been seen as far too “colonial”, so a locally produced Jeep fit the bill.

    It’s okay to be cynical, but to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a cigar is a cigar.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    All fair points John. I was joking, but clearly failing … you can see why my stand up career failed!! (not that I ever tried comedy)

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