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Year? ‘Jeep’ News V. 1 No. 6

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UPDATE: Thanks to Jan for pointing out that on page 4 are two photos of a 2A with a driver’s side spare tire. That would suggest that this issue was printed later than around mid-1948. Given the Santa highlight on the cover, I’d say the Fall/Winter of 1948 prior to the introduction of the CJ-3A. If that’s the case, then maybe these came out every six months? 

Thanks to Jan in the Netherlands for sharing a scanned version of the late 1940s issue of ‘Jeep’ News Volume 1, Number 6.  The “Cristie’s” at the top of the banner is a reference to Cristie’s Garage out of Monticello, New York.

I wonder if the Mahl Loader shown in a photo on Page 6 out of Minnesota is the one that was restored here.

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6 Comments on “Year? ‘Jeep’ News V. 1 No. 6

  1. Mike

    Would anyone know where in Monticello Criste’s Garage was located? Being familiar with the area, just curious.

  2. Barry

    This issue contains several interesting items. The page 4 ‘lefty” also came with the new Monroe lift and Newgren implements introduced in 1948. On page 3, in addition to the Malh loader, is a reference to the Monroe lift’s “500 pounds” of down pressure when using the scraper. The down pressure feature, created by using a “2-way” hydraulic cylinder, was a big selling point for Monroe.
    On the same page is a reference to custom baling. That was a major use of the Jeep here in the midwest. On page 7 is a Jeep equipped with a TMC hydraulic lift and bulldozer blade. You can read about them at
    Great find and big thanks to Jan for sharing!

  3. Mike

    Bob W, Thanks, I apricate your time & effort answering my question. It’s so rewarding to gain knowledge, like this, once again thank you. Mike

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