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Year? ‘Jeep’ News Vol 1. No. 4

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Thanks to Jan, we can have a look at the No. 4 issue of the ‘Jeep’ News. It’s unclear when this was published, but late 1947 seems most likely. The name Russ Borg is printed just above the ‘Jeep’ News name, though the H&R Repair Service out of Lohrville, Iowa, is listed on the back as a place to go for a free demonstration. The only reference I could find to Russ Borg was that he was involved with on in the Warner Brother’s movie studio.

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3 Comments on “Year? ‘Jeep’ News Vol 1. No. 4

  1. Dan B.

    For what it’s worth, Wagons came out in 1946 and Trucks came out in 1947. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a Willys Truck. Maybe these are late 1946?

  2. Barry

    I go with mid to late 1947 based on the pictures of the Newgren lifts and equipment. The Love lift was introduced in Sept. 1946 and it is shown on the Jeep pulling the sub-soiler. The other lifts are modified Newgren versions, complete with the Newgren label. So the pictures would have been from sometime in 1947

  3. Tom in Paris

    The license plate on the cover Jeep says “N.J. ’48” if I’m seeing it correctly and it’s a legitimate plate.

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