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January 1947 Willys-Overland Sales News

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Thanks to Jan for sharing this rare sixteen-page January 1947 issue of Willys-Overland Sales News!

I’m not very familiar with these nor do I know how many issues were released, but I assume this style of magazine was discontinued once the Salesbuilder magazines were created in mid-1948.

1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-01 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-02 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-03

1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-04 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-05

1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-06 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-07 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-08 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-09


1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-11 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-12 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-13 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-14 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-15 1947-01-willys-overland-news-lores-16


4 Comments on “January 1947 Willys-Overland Sales News

  1. Bill Norris


    I have seen some of these from February 1946 to January 1948. The first issue of Sales Builder was July 1948 and was released to be a replacement for Sales News. It was supposed to be monthly. The latest one of those I have seen is August 1951.


  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    If I remember correctly there is an on screen appearance of a military jeep in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s in the background of the scene downtown where they’re discussing the return of the WW2 Bailey brother war hero. Maybe they militarized one of the film studio’s civilian jeeps mentioned in the article.

  3. JohnB

    The Bristol-Meyers company aircraft is a Beech 18 “Twin Beech” one of the first corporate transports produced from the late’30s to 1969.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    As a retired officer, I find the posed Toledo Police photos especially entertaining, especially the one where he runs the violator up into the curb and grass. And a long-stroke 4 and 5:38 gears, I imagine it was a pursuit in slow motion lol . Training title: 4 ways not to conduct a traffic stop.

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