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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 7

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This end-of-year 1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 7 was expanded to twelve pages. The issue starts with some dealer news on page one. Page two reports on the success of Meyer hardtops and how demand forced an increase in production at Meyer Products, Inc. Dealers found them easier than most to install with less rattles while driving. On the lower left of page two, it’s noted that Jeep dealers often loaned jeeps to campaign committees of both parties. I didn’t know that happened.

Page three includes a story about Cold Spring, New York, ‘Jeep’ dealer William M. McAndrew and how his firm loaned 4WD vehicles to fire fighters during a hard-to-reach fire. On page three’s lower left is a rare XM-677 sighting, though much of it is blocked by Brazilian Army officers. Page four begins with a letter from Bruce Grantland, who wrote a review of the Wagoneer for Trailer Life Magazine (09/64). Page four also includes a pic from the “Kaiserama” exhibit, then located at the Kaiser center in Oakland, California. Page five has mostly dealer news, though a pic of some the 42 jeeps owned by the Nursery Company out of Azusa, California is included.

Pages six and seven share international news and pics. Page eight includes a photo of the Radio Patrol Club operated by the Keystone Automobile Club that traveled the Philadelphia metropolitan area helping folks in trouble. Page nine highlights some KJC military vehicle news. Pages ten and eleven shows a Gladiator Fire Truck, among other story snippets. Page twelve covers some Canadian jeep news.  It also includes a photo of an FC-150 pulling a big truck with a three-story-house as its cargo; the little jeep that could!


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5 Comments on “1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 7

  1. Mike

    When the new Meyer top hit the market, they were a big hit in NJ. Back in that era, Meyer tops became the number one seller. On my daily bike ride to Scheuer Motors, I was surprised to see that the tope were delivered by UPS, (United Parcel Service) the roof panel being in two sections made this possible. Later on problems developed with the roof sections leaking at the seam where they were joined, and new production started with a one piece roof. This also increased the price along with shipping costs, the roof section now had to be crated and shipped by truck freight. Another childhood memory, seems like it was yesterday.

  2. JohnB

    Elvis, Barbara Stanwyck, Leif Erickson (soon to become famous as the star of the western “The High Chaparral”), and Danny Thomas, who is remembered today for founding St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital….
    A lot of Jeep celebrities in this issue.

    Also a nice photo of the Army truck assembly line (and period shot of a M38A1).
    I believe that facility is now operated by AM General.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I was unaware the top piece originally came in two sections. Any idea how long that lasted?

  4. Mike

    Yes, I do, at some point late in 1966, if you look at advertising brochures featuring the Meyer top, you will notice early tops had the rain drip rail only over the front doors, as opposed to the one piece panel roof which had the drip rail running all the way around on three sides. Also, the one piece top had a ribbed roof panel added for extra strength, the early top didn’t have the ribs. The story behind how I know the early tops leaked at the seam, Al the parts dept. Manager at Sheuer told me this way back when. he said they were constantly getting call backs on tops and having to re-calk them at the seam. I was a inquisitive kid, and most of these guys found it amazing that at such a young age, I would be asking such questions. Never forgot those early memories, they now “carry me” through my old age.

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