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October 1958 Jeep News

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This eight-page October 1958 issue of Jeep News got buried in my files, but better late than never.

Page one share some dealer news about the Maverick tie-in, along with some thoughts on the surge in third quarter sales. Page two has a full page article about the FC-170 and its advantages. Page three describes how James Garner day in Oklahoma was cleverly co-opted by a savvy jeep dealer president Mead Norton, who made sure Garner, visiting broadcast reps, and the press were ferried from the airport and along the parade route with jeeps.

The Economy Delivery Van makes a surprise, huge showing on pages four and five with articles and photos. That’s possibly the most visibility that model ever received. Page six gives a shout-out to Clark County Sheriff’s Jeep Posse out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Page seven is all Maverick Bros. Page eight describes the 1958 dress rehearsal jeep caravan, used to test the roads and generate thoughts on the best routes for the 1959 Colorado Centennial event, which was expected to attract more than 1000 entrants. The routes were documented in this brochure.1958-10-jeep-news1 1958-10-jeep-news2 1958-10-jeep-news3 1958-10-jeep-news4 1958-10-jeep-news5


One comment on “October 1958 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    In reference to the economy step van article, I notice both company versions had a small triangler support brace at bottom of sliding doors, having driven many makes and models of step vans in my lifetime, that angle brace seems to be an obstacle in getting your foot caught. I can see myself getting caught and falling flat on my face. Style wise, The Boyertown van was always my favorite.

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