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Circus Themed Dealer Contest plus Record **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay.

This oddity was auctioned on eBay in 2020. It’s a neat piece for the right person; I haven’t decided it I’m the right person or not yet.

jeep-sales-circus-record0 jeep-sales-circus-record1 jeep-sales-circus-record2 jeep-sales-circus-record3

“A splendid advertising promotion for a Factory-funded contest between dealers to sell Kaiser Jeep products. 7 1/4″ x 7 1/2″, slick illustrated paper with a very thin record of the same size, typical of a 45-RPM record – but in this case meant to be played at 33 1/3-RPM.

Jeep Sales Circus contest – undated;
Prepared under the Kaiser Jeep name – inaugurated 1963;
Kaiser Jeep address uses the Postal Code (Toledo 1, Ohio) which was discontinued in 1963 with the inauguration of Zip Codes;
Dealers could win points with each Jeep sale or with Jeep parts, Accessories sales;
No discussion about what you’d win;
Kaiser sponsorship of The Greatest Show on Earth” TV program – ABC-TV – the series ran for one year, 1963-1964.
A splendid and very uncommon sales promotion. Note – a glued strip attached the record to the brochure – directions called for the cover to be folded under the record and the back cover, and played on your record player in that format – the brochure and the record all show the center hole drill. This record was detached from the glued strip.”


One comment on “Circus Themed Dealer Contest plus Record **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    The listing mentions the circus tie in with the TV show, “The Greatest Show On Earth”, Jack Palance stared in that show. I always had a dis-like for anything that related to the circus, but watched the show only because of Jack Palance & the Jeep commercials.

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