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1963 Jeep News Volume 9 No. 5

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The 1963 issue of Jeep News Volume 9 Number 5 was eight pages. The entire issue covers “The Greatest Show on Earth”, a short-lived series back by some Kaiser-Jeep advertising. A dealer contest was also held as a part of this event.

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3 Comments on “1963 Jeep News Volume 9 No. 5

  1. Mike

    In that short time span, I enjoyed watching this show on our black & white TV, not only because of the Jeep sponsorship, but also because I admired Jack Palance as a actor. On my weekly bicycle rides to Scheuer Motors, I would ask for Greatest Show On Earth brochure, week after week, and never seen at Scheuer Motors, in fact, they never ever featured any advertising connected to the show. I never knew why, maybe they knew the show was doomed to failure.

  2. Blaine

    On page three the article about the orphans has them receiving a die-cast toy Jeep is fun to see. I have one of the FC model.

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