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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 2

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This eight-page 1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 2 begins by announcing the Vigilante V-8 engine. Unmentioned in the news article was the response by recent purchasers of the six cylinder models, which was a unanimous, “Wow, I coulda had a V8!” .. or am I confusing that with another product? Pages 2-7 continue with more V-8 info, along with marketing and dealer info.

Page eight reports on the 1965 Chicago Auto Show. Jeep showcased eleven vehicles, all decked in a prairie gold color with black vinyl interior trim, which got me thinking … what did Willys Motors and Kaiser Jeep do over the years with their specially trimmed auto show vehicles? Looking back to the 1959 Chicago Auto show (Feb 1959 Jeep News), it was reported that all the vehicles at that show had been sold. Moreover, the display featured a full line of “Willys approved special equipment”, but by 1965 note the second largest word that appears on the display wall: “fun“… the word is written in what might be described as a playful font and style. Moreover, it’s hard to see a piece of special equipment (but the pic on page eight doesn’t show the best view; I tried to find some better pics). I’m beginning to wonder it the marketing firm hired in 1964 had something to do with the shift in perspective, from “useful” vehicles to “fun” vehicles. That could explain it.

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8 Comments on “1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 2

  1. Matt H

    Great issue. The Vigilante was a huge improvement for the J series. Oh what I would give to have some of those V8 banners!

  2. JohnB

    Nerd alert Helicopter Edition:

    On page eight, the Atlantic helicopters are great.
    The one on the left is a Bell 57J Ranger, the four seat executive model.
    To the right on optional floats is a Bell 47G…the photo Isn’t good enough for me to ID the sub model.
    The 47G is my favourite helicopter, I did my civil training in one back in the late ’90s.
    Anyone here remember the similar pair in the late ’50s TV series “Whirlybirds”?

    I had forgotten there was a Gladiator in ” Flipper”. Kaiser did a lot of TV tie ins back then. Little remembered is a zebra striped Gladiator in “Doktari” customized by George Barris (of TV Batmobile fame).

  3. Mike

    At some point in time, didn’t the Wagoneer & Gladiator models switch out to a 350 V8? I always thought the 350 was a GM Buick engine, is that true, and if so why the change?

  4. Matt

    The 350 was introduced in 68 and it was in fact a Buick 350. The AMC (327) engines were used in different cars since the late 50s and Kaiser Jeep was the last manufacturer to use them in vehicles (65-67). The Buick engine was probably more readily available and utilized more “up to date” technology. In my opinion the Buick 350 was not as well made as the 327.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    I realized I didn’t know much about them either. From Wikipedia, “The AMC 327 was sold to Kaiser-Jeep from 1965 until 1967 for use in the Jeep Wagoneer SUV and Gladiator pick-up truck. Jeep named it the “Vigilante” V8. Two-barrel carburation was standard on these Jeep models, but a four-barrel high-compression version was available in the highly optioned Super Wagoneer from 1966 until 1968. Kaiser-Jeep switched to the Buick 350 in 1967 after AMC discontinued the 327. The Buick V8 engine option continued through 1971 after which Jeeps returned to AMC V8 engines, American Motors having purchased Jeep from Kaiser in 1970.”

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