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Always Wanted a Russian Tank or GAZ?

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Steve forwarded this website which specializes in used Eastern European Tanks, Trucks and 4WD vehicles. The Prague based company, MORTAR INVESTMENTS, claims it is “a global dealer in soviet, post-communist, namely Russian, Czechoslovak (Czech and Slovak), Polish and Hungarian military vehiclestanksBMPshowitzers,  trucksjeeps,motorbikes and armaments for civilian purposes and specialist in armoured vehicles repairs,demilitarisationsreconstructionsrestorations and refurbishments.

One example: GAZ-69 Project for $3896

This is a project, but the site does have some suggestions for importing into the USA, including the necessary forms.



2 Comments on “Always Wanted a Russian Tank or GAZ?

  1. kerry

    I can understand collecting military jeeps, trucks. One can start small and keep the spending down and have some fun and nice nifty “stuff”. But a person has to have some really serious ” beeping ” around money to collect Tanks.
    Watched a TV show on that once, and these people have 2-4 men hired to repair, and maintain that stuff, Huge work shops and best of all a big farm to “test drive everything”. The shows were nice in that the maintenance guys talked a lot on how they did the actual repairing and restoring of the tanks, with time frames going into the multiple decades for some tanks.

  2. doug

    Those GAZ jeeps are certainly cool, but finding the guy on CL just a short drive away with a stash of parts is just not going to happen, unlike our CJs. I had an old Ural sidecar rig-parts were not a problem, I just had to be patient waiting for them to arrive from Russia.

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