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East Coast Willys Association Website Update

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Paul tells me that they have updated the East Coast Willys Association’s website. They also plan to update it on a regular basis.

Check out the new digs:



6 Comments on “East Coast Willys Association Website Update

  1. Mike

    I sure hope they have updated their customer relations policy along with their website. Some years back, I just gave up trying to communicate, just plain arrogance is what I experienced. My impression, for what’s it’s worth, obviously, not much.

  2. paul ferrari

    Sorry Mike, that was probably the old people running it when they were selling stuff. We are new, the last couple years, are not selling anything, no merch or memberships, we are not a club. We are using the group to share our knowledge, literature and projects with the willys community to help grow it, Nothing more or less.

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