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Sotheby’s Willys Jeep Auctions

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There are some jeeps coming up for auction through Sotheby’s, along with a Mule. Note Lot 322 1951 M-38 that sold for $61,600!



6 Comments on “Sotheby’s Willys Jeep Auctions

  1. Mike

    As though any of us ordinary every day people could afford to buy any of these high end rich boy toys. Lets get back to reality, we have a world health crisis, and despite this, money is still worshiped as a god. The times, they are a changing.

  2. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    Nice M-38. Mine loves the mountain trails too well to stay as clean. The last time I shot a fifty Cal on a Military Jeep it shook it pretty hard. I am happy for the person that wanted the M-38 and could afford it. Hard work can pay off.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Usually ends up grossly overpriced by liquored up people bidding against each other in a high-end venue like this. Like the M38 that sold at a Barrett auction a few years ago for 100K. It was so incomplete and incorrect as to not bring 15 in a normal market.

  4. Mike

    Thanks for a realistic reply to this unrealistic auction listing. I think buyers need to be educated about these high priced, big name auctions. keep up the good work of informing us, we need guys like you to keep the market honest, and affordable.

  5. Barney Goodwin

    Yeah, Dave, wife and I saw it go across the block with our own eyes. In the short time it was “on stage”, I was able to point out at least 20 major flaws or omissions. Only effect on our appraisals was just not considering it, being it a curve-breaker. Unfortunately there are a few who see this as “gospel” like those who watch Pickers on TV.
    Mike, Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the privilege of participating.

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