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Junior MB 2/3-Size Toy Jeep Miami, FL $3000

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UPDATE: TJ spotted one of these Junior MBs for sale in Florida. The original post at the bottom is from 2010.

The Hemmings ad below includes several photos, but it’s not clear to me which of these jeeps is the one for sale (or it’s just a reseller important the jeeps and reselling them). The photos are all from the manufacturer website.

The latter half of this video shows the jeep:


Original Post May 8, 2010: Junior Replicas website.  Pretty good replicas for a kids toy.  They offer a variety of vehicles besides Jeeps.

From the website, “Junior Replicas Mini-Veículos para Lazer S.A. produces in Brazil, exact replicas of classic vehicles, in a scale enabling their use by children over 6 years old. The mini-vehicles use a four stroke, 6,5 hp petrol engines and have specially developed mechanics for complete safety and long-lasting enjoyment. The bodies are moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and are very detailed and fully replicate the original full-size model.


One comment on “Junior MB 2/3-Size Toy Jeep Miami, FL $3000

  1. Bob in PA

    It appears dude built one of these for his son. The corvet. So many people asked him for small cars they started building other cars, the Jeep, and sldo mustang.

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