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Struck Mini-Beep Pittsburgh, PA $2000

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This looks in good shape.

struck-mini-beep-pa6 struck-mini-beep-pa7 struck-mini-beep-pa8 struck-mini-beep-pa9

“Subaru Ex Series Engine
Garage Kept
Amphibious Plywood Structure
Stuck Corp Model Kit
brochure ~

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Struck Mini Beep Jeep Greensburg, IN $2800

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/26/2022) This post contains some detail photos of the Struck Mini Beep mechanicals.

“This is a mini beep Jeep and it in very good condition. The body is wood I’m wanting 2,800$ obo. Has radio, turn signals, lights, and horn’s. It comes with a different engine and belts. As well with the book to make it and all the paper work for it”

mini-beep-greensburg-manual-cover mini-beep-greensburg03 mini-beep-greensburg02 mini-beep-greensburg01 Continue reading

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1970 Struck Mini Beep Wayne, NJ $2800

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This appears setup for a snow(?) blade. It is unclear if it was ever a mower.

“1970 Struck mini beep this is the all metal 4 wheel drive model very rare $2800 takes it ..located in Wayne NJ. . Mini dozer jeep”

1970-struck-mini-beep1 1970-struck-mini-beep2 1970-struck-mini-beep3 1970-struck-mini-beep4

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Struck Mini-Beep Mower Enumclaw, WA $1450

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This seller added a few customizations to this Struck Mini-Beep. It’s the first one I’ve seen for sale west of the Mississippi.

“This is a wood kit using plywood and wood boards. Craftsman 19 hr power and riding lawn mower axles. LED lights as well as a winch. Trailer was made from a child carrier. LED’s function. This was a project started by an ole friend, I finished it. Lots more options can be added for Parades or family functions”

struck-mini-beep-enumclaw-wa1 struck-mini-beep-enumclaw-wa2 struck-mini-beep-enumclaw-wa3 struck-mini-beep-enumclaw-wa4

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Struck Mini-Beep Millinocket, ME **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Glenn spotted this Struck designed Mini-Beep.

“Struck Kit 1944 Willys Army Jeep replica. Used in parades, goes 6 mph at full throttle. Looks just like the Jeep used in the MASH TV show. Made out of plywood and metal parts. 6 1/2 hp gas engine.”


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Struck Mini Jeep Calera, AL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

This mini beep jeep only needs a new chain link (master link) to be drivable.

“Mini beep jeep, wooden jeep, brand new, forward and reverse, 212cc engine, needs chain link to drive”

Struck-mini-beep-calera-al1 Struck-mini-beep-calera-al2 Struck-mini-beep-calera-al3 Struck-mini-beep-calera-al4

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Struck Mini-Beep Stafford, VA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

(07/29/2019) Tom spotted this rare Mini-Beep by the Struck company. They also manufactured mini-dozers and other mini-vehicles. It looks like it may include the manual.


mini-beep-va0 mini-beep-va1 mini-beep-va2 mini-beep-va3

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Replica Jeep Brooklyn, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

UPDATE: As Blaine pointed out, we’ve seen this exact type of vehicle before:

“This is Jeop Willy’s replica that my dad and I built. It’s true 4×4 and is also amphibious. Has brackets to mount a trolling motor in the rear to take in the Lake or stream. Has high and low range gears. Kohler gas motor, fun to use around the farm or camp. Has receiver hitch as well.”

jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi0 jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi1 jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi2

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Struck Mini Beep(?) Salem, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Sold. Listed as a Struck Mini Beep, this looks to me more like a modified Roof Palomino.

Blaine spotted this rare Mini Beep Struck.

“This is a really hard to find Struck Mini Beep. These were built by the Struck company that is famous for making the little bulldozers that you could buy as a kit. Today they are called Magna Tracks. This one has been modified some. It is a really neat little Jeep. It articulates in the middle to turn. It is four wheel drive. It runs good but could use a couple of new belts. I collect old garden tractors and so it does not really fit so I am passing it on to someone else to enjoy it. ”

mini-beep-struck-portland-or2 mini-beep-struck-portland-or3 mini-beep-struck-portland-or4

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Mini-Beep Jeep Cincinnati, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Glenn spotted this one.

“Mini-Beep with 6.5 Kohler engine. This is a mini replica of the Willys MB (Jeep) manufactured during World War II. Excellent condition. Starts right up. Rear wheel drive, hitch, forward-reverse-brake pedals, headlights, seats up to 3. Great for kids since it doesn’t go too fast!!”

minibeep-oh1 minibeep-oh2

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MIni-Beep Video

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Ken found this article and video about the Mini-Beep.

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Mini Beep Jeep Mason, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $3900. **SOLD**

Here’s an unusual jeep.

“This MINI BEEP has a 6.5hp engine, very well put together, $5k in just parts. Start it up and go, has reverse, brake, bench seat, trailer hitch, working headlights and moree….you can modify any way you want and even add parts. Use it in anywhere!!

The MINI-BEEP is uniquely different and better than any ATV, any UTV, any other kind of off-road vehicle. The MINI-BEEP pulls trailers, and implements, bulldozes sand, gravel and snow, drives off-road, and goes almost anywhere. It’s a 4/5 scale version of a World War II JEEP®, and it’s AMPHIBIOUS, too! The MINI-BEEP is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream project.”

mini-beep-cincinnati-oh1 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh2 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh3 mini-beep-cincinnati-oh4

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Mini-Beep Mower Ontario, OH **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $2000. Status Unknown.

Thanks to Doug for sharing this one. The motor is stuck. The brochure is likely rare.

“RERE STRUCK BEEP Garden Tractor with Snow Blade. Rust free and the nicest body you will ever find. Have all parts motor stuck. Have the book for it.”

mini-beep-ontario-ohio1 mini-beep-ontario-ohio2 mini-beep-ontario-ohio3 mini-beep-ontario-ohio4 mini-beep-ontario-ohio5

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MINI-BEEP Kit from Struck-kit

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UPDATE: Blaine forwarded the video for the Mini-Beep:

Struck-Kit offers what they call a Mini-Beep Kit, which you can use to build mini jeep-like vehicles. You can even build an amphibious version.

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The Mini-Beep

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UPDATE:  Oopos .. managed to forget the link to the cj2a page.

A reader pointed me over to the CJ-2A page where there is a video of a cool MBish mower.  Not wanting to just snag the video, I thought I’d do a search and landed on the mini-beep.html page.  It turns out they’ve been around since the 1960s!  Head on over to the CJ-2A page to see the video.