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Day 3: July 23, Alaska Updates

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Ann, myself, Hugo and Fernando are starting our trip today. Below is our route to Dawson Creek. I don’t know what kind of connectivity we’ll have, but hopefully in the evening we’ll have some so I can publish updates. I also don’t know how much time I’ll have to do updates, but I’ll do my best to keep them coming throughout the trip. Finally, my email responses may suffer some, so please be patient!


Lots of updates on members:

  1. Hugo and Fernando finished up their Operation Pineapple stickers. They are great! We head off this morning bound for Fernie, BC, Canada. We’ve been adding signatures to Patterson, including a couple female LDS missionaries who randomly stopped by the house. They were very excited to sign Patterson.
    2017-07-22-lds-signaturesHugo and Fernando at work:
    2017-07-23-hugo-fernando-stickers4 2017-07-23-hugo-fernando-stickers1
  2. Scott Gilbert, Bob Christy, and Rick Pacholski reached Barnesville, Minnesota, where they will stay at Chris McKay’s. Last report is the wagon is finally running dependably. Saturday night they spend the night at Joe DeYoung’s place in Madison, Wisconsin, where they wrenched the night away (a big shout out to him). The night before Scott was forced to stop at Harry & Jo Sheets of Midwest Willys in Indiana, where they also had to work all night. Another big shout out to them as well. It takes a village to power a wagon.
  3. Jim Fowler is about four hours behind Scott, motoring away in his CJ-2A. He lost his speedometer, but he’s got an app to keep track of his speed.
    2017-07-23-jim-fowlerJim’s Camping setup:

4. Marcelo Riera is pulling Andreas Gruson’s truck up to Dawson Creek. He was supposed to reach St. Paul, Minnesota, last night.2017-07-23-marcelo-andreas-truck

5. Bill Reiss gets the award for the first Canadian crossing. He’s now motoring east through Michigan.

6. Merlin, Britt, Joe and Emily reached Madison, Wisconsin, last night. For a short time they had to wait out monsoon-like rains under an overpass, as Joe doesn’t have a full top (but everyone is all smiles as the second photo shows). He’s also got to deal with a leaky pinion seal. Hopefully he got that buttoned up last night!2017-07-23-joe-bee-merlin-rain2017-07-23-smiles7. Joe was able to hook up with Joe DeYoung and, for the second night in a row, saved a member of the Alaska Or Rust adventure. Thanks Joe!

8. Rob Stafford’s jeep was all ready, but yesterday he discovered a small leak in the radiator. So, he’s got to get that fixed.

9. Marty Tilford was doing some work on his rear pinion when he discovered some missing teeth. Glad he discovered this now! He and Rob don’t leave for a couple days.
2017-07-23-marty-tilford2017-07-23-Marty-3Marty did a few more things to his jeep as well. He writes, “Installed new gears and locker and fabbed up a receiver hitch. My previous tire carrier was removed, replaced with a new one so I can carry a full size spare on a 10 inch wheel. In addition, the new tire carrier can swing open or swing down to access the spare and tailgate. All the fab work and gears has been done by American machine and Fab”
2017-07-23-Marty-hitch 2017-07-23-Marty-2

10. Russ and Tom are making there way northeast from Illinois in Russ’ Jeepster. I don’t have a specific update as of this post.

<– Day 2: Patterson Arrives in Pasco | Day 4: July 24th, Surviving the Border –>


6 Comments on “Day 3: July 23, Alaska Updates

  1. Barry West

    Looks like all is coming together for a great adventurous journey. Be alert, be good, good luck and most of don’t do anything I would do! Trust me, I can be very embarrassing for others to endure, I mean facial palm planting embarrassing. But I do have fun and friends do know I just say and do what they wanted to do and say. And we have many a tale to reminisce.

  2. Steve Beilstein

    That drive between Banff and Jasper is amazing! We did it last year (not in the Jeep). I am jealous.

  3. Rick

    Dave and all
    Thanks for taking us all along on this great adventure. I’m sure it’s a bucketlist item for many of us.

  4. Barry West

    I agree also. Simply speaking in Southern terminology due my physical limitations from the DS/DS War, I’d be down right sceered to make it. There’s only three things on this planet I’m sceered of….Alligators, Crocs, and BIG bears, especially when unarmed. They see you as food only. Yep, no conscious at all these three have and one is known to be along that route. However, I will really enjoy sitting here with ride along technology. LOL!!!

  5. Hugo

    Dave and all
    It is winter here so I can’t do anything with my CJ. Even that I am jealous, I enjoy all the information and the adventure you share witth us.
    Be safe.

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