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Day 17: Aug 6, Alaska Paul’s M-38

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Paul sitting in his stainless M-38

On Sunday we drove from Wasilla, to Anchorage, then to Palmer for the night.


We spent most of our time Sunday in Anchorage area being entertained by Paul and his Goddess (and their parrot, Samson). Paul and I have been exchanging emails since November 2009 (I had to look it up). You can see the Paul’s very first post here. Upon seeing the photos associated with that post, one reader commented at the time, “Paul, I’m going to show this post to my wife so she can see that there is someone out there MORE INSANE THAN ME when it comes to Jeeps.” That first post gives some great examples of Paul’s artistry.

I never thought I’d actually get a chance to see this jeep, but seeing it has always been on my bucket list. It took Alaska Or Rust to finally get me to Alaska and gave me my chance to see this amazing jeep and meet the man behind it, and meet the Goddess behind the man, and meet the bird behind the couple.

When we arrived at noon, Paul came bounding out of the house. He’s a tall, lanky fellow with eyes that twinkle. Deborah soon followed with her ever-present smile. There’s a happy-go-lucky feeling about Paul and Deborah’s home, perhaps best captured in the oversize lawn chairs that make a person feel like a kid again.


After relaxing in the huge chair, Paul was eager to share his jeep with me and I was equally eager to see it.


When Paul offered to let me sit in it, I didn’t waste any time. It was comfortable and roomy.


We decided to make a video, as pictures alone aren’t enough. Paul can be heard, then seen discussing various aspects of the jeep. Fernando, Hugo, LuisCarlos and Gisselda showed up just after we started filming. Watch Fernando’s face as he sees it for the first time (the hotel’s wifi didn’t allow me to complete the video upload. I’ll do a special post on this when I have better upload speed).

In the meantime, we have this short video:

Following time with the jeep, Paul showed us his amazing collection of wood from around the world, some of which he’s made into art pieces (really, a post in itself). While looking around, Ann spotted this hilarious Easter Island tissue dispenser.


Of course, no visit would complete without their signatures on Patterson:


Thanks to Paul and Deborah and Samson for their hospitality. You can view all the posts related to Paul’s work on the jeep and his stainless trailer by using this link:

We hope it isn’t the last time we get to spend time with them! On Monday we head for Whitehorse.

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5 Comments on “Day 17: Aug 6, Alaska Paul’s M-38

  1. Scott

    Paul’s SS Jeep can be only summed up in one word “WOW”
    Awesome talent and workmanship, dedication….on and on.
    I’ve had my willys for 34 yrs……purchased it (or was given) from my Dad in a hunk of junk state….this quote from Paul in your linked thread is the most honest and true statement! I’m still laughing about it and its accuracy!

    Paul’s quote:
    “in 1972 and the Willys passed into my ownership for the sum of ONE dollar. I got screwed on this deal, here it is 37 years later and I’m still dumping money into this never ending project. Boy, if you want to really mess with a kid give him a Jeep and he’ll be twisted for the rest of his life!”

  2. rdjeep

    Now we know what Dave looked like when he was nine years old!

    Paul’s patience is outstanding, which matches his fabrication skills.

    Lastly, What?!? No parrot pics???

  3. Alaska Paul

    Samson’s a rescue parrot who spent two years at a bird rescue facility while waiting for a new home. He’s only been with us since early November 2016 but he loves the Goddess and tolerates me. He’s incredibly intelligent, loves to sing and play but isn’t real pleased to have his picture taken. By the way, he’s a double yellow headed amazon parrot who likes to fly inside our small house.

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