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Day 16: Aug 5, Parting Ways

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Jay signed the jeep at Denali National Park.

On Saturday, Ann and I, the Vidals, and their friends, began our trek south. Our objective was Anchorage.


Our drive from Fairbanks to Wasilla, Alaska.

Saying goodbye to the Alaska Or Rust adventure, Ann and I, along with Fernando, Hugo, LuisCarlos and Giselda, began our trek home. Our first stop was to obtain some smoked salmon from a local seafood processor Fernando found: Interior Alaska Fish Processors. They had a wide selection of smoked salmon separated by salmon type and spices. Best of all, they had lots of free samples!


It was hard not to buy a variety, but we used some control and only walked out with two different kinds of smoked salmon.

Our next stop was for gas just south of Fairbanks. I suspect the moose and bear have been featured in lots of photos.



Right after we left, we were just hitting highway speeds when I glanced in my rear view mirror to see a cow and calf moose running across the road in front of the Vidal’s jeep. Fernando slammed on the brake and avoided them.

For the next two hours, as we drove the Parks Highway, the mountains in the distance grew larger until Mt. Denali became visible.


Even when Denali wasn’t visible, the drive was beautiful!2017-08-05-drive


We also spotted this strange structure. I’d guess it was a hotel at some point?


Eventually we arrived at Mt. Denali National Park where we had a park sign photo taken.


I was so tired by this point, that I went into the visitors center for a second, before returning to the jeep for a quick nap. Not long after I awoke, I talked with some folks and got some signatures:


As we drove further south, Denali disappeared. At one point we pulled over to the side of the road and found some bicyclists. I got to talking with them and discovered they were from Palmer, Alaska. Their objective was to bike to Patagonia. Good luck boys! Of course, I had to have them sign the jeep.

2017-08-05-bikers1 2017-08-05-bikers12

The remainder of the trip was pretty uneventful. About the most exciting thing was our hunt for a cheap, but clean motel room in Anchorage. That turned out to be difficult to find. Eventually, we decided to spend the night in Wasilla at the Select Inn. It turned out to be a nice place.

That evening, Luiz Carlos and Gizelda had us over for dinner outside their motorhome (which the motel let them park on the grounds). It was a delicious meal of chicken and pasta. We also had some good whiskey. It was very relaxing night, but not conducive to writing eWillys posts.

On Sunday we plan to visit the most famous man in Alaska, Alaska Paul. At least, he’s famous on eWillys.

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7 Comments on “Day 16: Aug 5, Parting Ways

  1. Mom

    Even though the adventure is “officially” over, still enjoy your continued inputs. Hope I am not ahead of your next post, but found Alaska Paul and his magnificent stainless steel Jeep extremely interesting. It is a piece of art in itself.

  2. Paul DuBois

    I was also in Wasilla on Saturday night. I’m sorry we didn’t cross paths.

    Paul, (from Riverside, CA)

  3. David Eilers

    Paul, what are the chances of that?? It would be even more amazing if you weee st the Select Inn! There weren’t many places to stay in Wasilla.

  4. Paul DuBois

    I’m laughing. Believe it or not, as I was driving home Saturday night, I passed within a mile of the Select Inn, heading for Palmer. I’m here for the summer working on a farm. If I had only known, I would have stopped to see you or offered you a place to stay where I’m living. I’m so sorry.

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