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Go For Digger Trencher Brochure

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This Go-For-Digger trencher brochure is undated and has no form number. It’s likely from the late 1950s.

This first image shows the front page:


This is how the brochure looks when fully opened:


The is the back page:



7 Comments on “Go For Digger Trencher Brochure

  1. vernon

    thats a great picture of the rear axle , never seen that before , looks like a dana 70 ? i have one of those in the back of a class c motorhome , 4.10 ratio , its a monster , you can put powr-lok in them ..

  2. Blaine

    It is a Dana 70. The early Dana 70s which were also in Dodges had a different pinion offset which used a different thickness of ring gear and carrier and is hard to get parts for. Bearings are easy of course.
    Dave, did your Open Road have the fold down patio on the back?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    John: I didn’t see that brake info. I’m sure that extra stopping power was useful.

    Blaine: No, it didn’t have the patio. There was only a window in the rear. Dad subsequently added a 2ft compartment on the back and installed a generator and a place to put tools. Somewhere I have a pic of it; still looking …

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Norman,

    I’d be happy to list it on eWillys if interested. You can email me at and either send me a link if you have it listed elsewhere or send me 1) a description, 2) your location, 3) your price, 4) some pics, 5) your preferred method of contact for buyers (email/phone/both). If you have questions, just ask!

    – Dave
    David Eilers

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