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Overdrive Differences

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Will shared pics that show some of the differences between a Warn overdrive with a Husky overdrive. Regarding finding Husky parts, my best guess for parts would be Herm Tilford.

Will writes, “A little while back there was a discussion on the different overdrive units. There where several different units produced and maybe others but the ones I’ve seen are Warn, Dualmatic, Saturn, Husky and ATV overdrives that all looked similar. Saturn is a direct decedent of the Warn as Advance Adapters purchased the tooling from Warn to make the Saturn. I don’t know much about the Dualmatic or ATV except ATV is still produced as is Saturn.

Anyway I had mentioned that the Husky had a different angle to the planetary gears, Sun gear and bowl gear than Warn. These pictures show how the Warn had much more tooth angle than Husky and as such these parts do not interchange and Husky parts are near impossible to find.”

IMG_8652 IMG_8651 IMG_8650


2 Comments on “Overdrive Differences

  1. anonymous

    i bought my warn 26 tooth overdrive from archer brothers in hayward , california in 1974 , it was 215 us dollars — i just wanted to say it still works great in my 1948 willys overland model 4wd ” jeep ” truck — i doubt if a husky copy would last 48 years …

  2. Terry

    Bummer. I was just going to put my husky OD that’s in my 56 3b up for sale

    Guess it’s market value may be limited

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