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Another Usual Jeep from the Big Island

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Bill from Lime Street Carriage spotted this jeep siting on the side of the road south of Kona in the Captain Cook area of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is similar to several other oddly shaped jeeps near Captain Cook, HI,  (here and here) that have been for sale. There was no for sale sign on the one below.

It sure seems likely that someone built all of these.

bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body1 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body2 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body3



2 Comments on “Another Usual Jeep from the Big Island

  1. ルイヴィトンコピー

    味噌汁もほとんどそれらしい色だけであった。」 「いや、普通より大分高目です。はずみで両足がぽんと跳ねた。それに加えて、能力そのものの寿命も短い。
    彼女は ブライトリングスーパーコピー 、この温室のことが気がかりだったのだ。桜だろ、キクだろ、ツバキだろ……あとはホウセンカに金蓮花《ナスタチウム》 ブライトリングスーパーコピー とかな」 思いつくままに花の名前を並べていると、美古都がくすくすと笑い出した。 晩飯に、アメリカン・チーズの薄切りが出たのを、刑務所《ムシヨ》のまずいパンに挟《はさ》んで食ったのだが、そのうまかったこと。 先日同じ舎房にいる者が今流行のムックの『スチュワーデス・カタログ』なる本を見せてくれたのですが、ベテランを紹介する頁で、ジャ 

  2. Big Mike

    Hawaii Island has hundreds of small farms, some going back over a hundred years in the same family. Coffee is king in Kona and South Kona (near Captain Cook) and these modified Ford GPW’s and Willy’s Jeeps are perfect for going up through the narrow rows of coffee trees and hauling the cherry to the barn. Some of these farms are on uneven ground and have steep grades so the 4WD, narrow width, and strength of these vehicles probably served many farmers well over the years. Rust, lack of parts, and poor fuel consumption has brought many to market. Although made famous in a couple wars. it has also served the US farmer very well (and farmers in many other countries too) and any modified farm version is probably best left alone as they may someday become treasured vehicles in the regions they served.

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