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1985 Book ‘The Willys Dream Kit’ by Jan Novak on eBay

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Scott spotted a hardcover book called The Willys Dream Kit by Jan Novak that’s for sale on eBay ($49.49). The price for a new hard copy is similar on Amazon, but the used ($25) and paperback ($20) editions are much less on Amazon.

Reviews of the book from the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times in 1985 suggest it’s a good read.



2 Comments on “1985 Book ‘The Willys Dream Kit’ by Jan Novak on eBay

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I purchased a cheap hard cover version, so I will update it when I get a chance (could be a while at the current rate). I think it is mostly an immigrant story of leaving Europe during WWII and building a new life in the US, which includes buying/painting a jeep.

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