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Joe Brown’s 1944 Book w/ Jeep

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UPDATE II: I received this small booklet. There are thirteen pages (with lots of pics) written by Joe Brown and eleven pages about donuts, including a quiz and recipes (as in, you can use donuts in a variety of ways). So, if you want jeeps, don’t buy this booklet; but, if you like donuts, then this might be a winner. Below are a few sample pages …

1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts1 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts2 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts3 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts4


UPDATE: Curiously, after I purchased a copy on Amazon, the price went up a dollar.

In early 1944, Actor and Comedian Joe E. Brown published “You Said A Mouthful”, a book about his adventures entertain troops. The cover includes an illustration on the cover of him on a jeep. If interested, here are various copies for sale on eBay.

“A rip roaring; Illustrated; funny story of Joe E. Brown’s adventures in entertaining millions of doughboys all over the world.”


PHOTO CREDIT: University of South Carolina …

The book was published by the Doughnut Corporation of American and Bond Bread. Thus, this explains why he’s holding a donut. An advertisement for Bond Bread is included on the back of the book:


3 Comments on “Joe Brown’s 1944 Book w/ Jeep

  1. Mike

    In the 1950’s, Bond Bread had a distribution depot in my home town of Clifton, NJ. I was about 4 years old when my Grandma decided to have our living room chair re-upholstered. A guy with a double thumb picked it up in a Bond Bread truck, to this day, never could figure that out, and as a kid in the 50’s, that double thumb on his left hand scared the HELL out of me. Just one of those mysteries of life. That was one of two men in my childhood with double thumbs on their left hand.

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    One of my classmates in high school…..graduating class of 1964…. had a double thumb. Great guy…..spent his working career on an assembly line for John Deere tractor manufacturing.

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