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Electric EV Stainless Jeep Video

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Craig shared this Haggerty video that covers a stainless-bodied jeep that’s been transformed into an electric vehicle. It’s a real nice build. The “battery” that’s been placed in the jerry can holder is pretty clever.


2 Comments on “Electric EV Stainless Jeep Video

  1. Scott

    Cool project, but its a shame that the front axle is gutted and only 2wd. Not to mention the dipshit driving it and tearing around in the slop. Nothing wrong with getting it dirty, but for the purposes of its intended use and that it is basically show quality, that’s a lot of clean up for someone and it will never be show clean again!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Scott .. I didn’t quite understand the driver’s need to race it around in the muck either. The lack of 4WD would just make it that much more squirrelly.

    – Dave

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