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Former Electric Stainless Flattie Sausalito, CA eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available. This is only for the body and parts.

(01/20/2020) The body includes additional parts.


Here’s what it looks like when was together.

stainless-electric-vehicle01 stainless-electric-vehicle0

This is how the chassis looks:

stainless-electric-vehicle1 stainless-electric-vehicle2

“Hi I have stainless steel CJ3A body for sale complete including windshield and Omni wipers installed with 12v wiring included. I believe I bought Del@OMC last CJ3A from him in Oregon a few years ago before he passed away (rip).

Del owned the factory in the Philippines where they were made and exported to U.S. Great construction his bodies will probably out-last you and I!:) I built it for a EV prototype for a classics EV startup but all future models will use aluminum body out of Canada BC (stretched ~ 1 foot for more legroom up front) so no longer need this body. It’s just been a demo vehicle max 50 miles on it it’s like new see pics (does has vinyl EV stickers on hood those should heat gun off I haven’t bothered yet don’t have the time))”


Also includes all lights installed with wiring harness installed on firewall (headlights/taillights are nice LED) I don’t have time to remove all that before selling if buyer doesn’t want you can remove and toss and start over. Will include front seats already installed thru the pan (rear Corbeau 3 ft. seat also already installed can also be included for extra $$ it’s worth $)

Has 6 holes drilled through pan to bolt to my frame (4 on bottom and other 2 under back seat) I’ll work with any none-local buyer on helping with freight shipper you hire if needed (will need to have forklift or trailer crane to load I don’t have one available). Sold as-is.

PS I also have custom ‘family’ roll cage for it already fully wrapped see photo designed so Bestop fits over it without having to use bestop frame I’m selling the cage too (windshield comes with bestop aluminum frame rail installed along top)



11 Comments on “Former Electric Stainless Flattie Sausalito, CA eBay

  1. SteveK

    For that kind of engineering and stainless work from scratch, why are the rear wheels centered in the well? I’d like to have seen the underside showing the power train.

  2. Ranchboy

    100 percent illegal to drive on a California road. Rear tires are not within rear quarters. I’m not certain how they get away with it, or have gotten away with it. But, soon they won’t. Tires cannot extend beyond sheet metal or extensions.
    Isn’t the reality that this is a VW? With an aftermarket body of something that resembles a Jeep?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Yep, like the VEEPS, SCAMPS, and the others, it’s basically a VW with a jeep body. I post this stuff cuz I like the odd stuff.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Lee … thanks for correcting me. I was clearly under-caffeinated when I wrote this post the first time.

  5. Derek

    Is this the one on eBay? I’ve been trying to reach the seller but no response. Interested in this body for my project.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Derek,

    Yes, this looks to be the same one. Sorry to hear you’ve been unable to reach the seller. Did you try contacting through eBay?

    – Dave

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