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2013 Cross Country Tour: Summary

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2013-may-june-mapOur seven week journey was the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken. There were so many unexpected opportunities only made possible by all the wonderful people we met along the way. We appreciate everyone’s patience with our ever changing schedule as folks contacted us and said “if you are near, come visit!” We tried to meet as many people as possible, but at times the timing just didn’t work out.

Here are some stats from the trip:
1) We drove over 10,043 Miles
2) Trip lasted 49 days
3) We passed through 27 States (It would have only been 26 states, but Ann accidently drove into Colorado, before I looked up from my computer to see we were going the wrong way . . . lol)
4) We saw all 5 Great Lakes
5) We had 0 car problems!
6) Number of tickets . . . 0 (warnings 0)
7) Total cost of trip (unknown at this point, but would have been higher without all the generous jeepers)
8) Amount of debt from trip — $0. We don’t use credit cards.
9) Number of museums visited: 20
10) Number of National Parks: 4
11) Number of fights between Ann and I: Zero
12) Total amount of fun we had: incalculable!

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8 Comments on “2013 Cross Country Tour: Summary

  1. Mark in Indiana

    I thought you crossed into Canada. If so, you can add “number of countries.” enjoyed the travelog.

  2. mom

    It is significant that you had no fights. Doubt if I could have accomplished that fete. Did Zollie (one of the cutest dogs ever) remember you?

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Mark: How could I have forgotten that? Lol … that was my favorite post (from a writing standpoint).

    Mom: Zollie peed he was so excited!

  4. willy s. wagon

    10,000+ miles, 27 states, 7 weeks and 0 fights are you sure your really married?
    Glad your back!

  5. Tom

    The adventures of Dave and Ann have been interesting from the beginning. I can only envy your journey. It was nice meeting you folks and you can stop by Gettysburg anytime.

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