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Wed. May 8th: Don’s 1962 Wagon and Mr. Jangles

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<– Day 3 & 4 – Mon. May 6th & Tues May 7th: Bismarck, North Dakota | Trip Overview | Day 6 – Thurs. May 9th: Rain Rain Go Away –>


We started Wednesday morning in Fargo, North Dakota. Ann had been driving more than usual, because I’ve been typing. And typing. And typing.


Wednesday May 8th’s drive to St. Paul.


Because she’s been driving a lot, I’ve become aware of two things. First, she swerves to the side of the freeway it she sees a large spider scamper above her head and race towards the windshield. We never did find the spider; our nerves are back there somewhere, too . So was my heart.

Second, she stops for jeeps using a technique strikingly similar to her spider-veering-off-the-freeway maneuver. I bore witness to her using this technique yesterday after she spotted a flattie just south of Albany, MN, next to a fence along Interstate 94.

Now, I don’t remember how fast our jeep goes from zero to 75mph, but I can say without reservation that it can brake 75mph to 0 in the time it takes my wife to say, “there’s a jeep!”.

And, I’m not saying she backed up along the shoulder of I-94 to get this shot, but I am saying she’s the kind of wife who’d do that for me so I could share a pic like this with all of you! (funny story, this was shot with my iPhone, which I’d done as a backup shot. The ‘real camera’ with the zoom lens apparently didn’t have the disc inside it . . . sigh).  Through the zoom lens I could easily see the CJ-2A’s bow holders on the driver’s side. It actually looked in decent condition. There was no evidence of a for-sale sign.

A couple of readers later commented on this jeep, one writing: I think I spotted it. … 45.61396,-94.511097 (near Albany, MN) .. Looks like its on the edge of that property but what an odd place to park it and leave it.

The other reader added: We checked on this a few years ago and at the time this jeep was owned by the same people who own the Chrysler/Jeep dealership in Albany MN that you guys passed through. They own this property where the jeep sits on and use it for groups to drive around with jeeps and 4 wheelers. They also owned a 3B jeep painted like a military jeep that they would take to car shows and parades in the area.

(In March of 2020 Ann and I through the area, but did not see the jeep … it no longer appears on Google’s street view.)



A CJ-2A was parked for several years just off of the southwest side of I-94.

When we mentioned we were heading to St. Paul, MN, to do some research before heading to Michigan’s Upper Penninsula, Don dropped me a note and suggested I drop by to meet him and his wagon. So, after Ann and I got done at the Minnesota Historical Society (more on that tomorrow), we dropped by and visited with Don.

He’s got a 1962 Wagon sold in 1963. Don said the original owner of this wagon was named Don (I’ll call him Friend Don). One day, just before Don was old enough to legally drive the wagon, Friend Don gave the wagon to Don. That was 1980. Don had owned it ever since. He used it as his daily driver throughout High School. Eventually, Don decided to add the stenciling to the side of the wagon, so a buddy of his just down the street painted it on. It give is a great look.



The wagon is nearly bone stock, though there have been a few minor repairs to keep it running. Don seemed to waffle a bit about whether he wanted to fix some of the rusted body. He likes the idea of it being original, yet he wouldn’t mind have it fixed. At one point Don said a jeep can only be original one time, so I suspect this wagon won’t see a body shop for some years to come.




Don and I checking out the early Cutlas Selective Drive Hub.


A closeup of an early Cutlas Selective Drive Hub.

One side note. As we talked, a squirrel took quite a liking to us. He was climbing on our feet and sitting on them. I’ve never seen such a friendly squirrel. Ann called him Mr. Jangles. She was taking such a liking to him, I was getting a little concerned that Mr. Jangles was going to be heading east with us. But, when it was time to go, she bravely walked away, but not without wondering if Mr. Jangles was going to be okay.


 On Thursday we will be spending more time in the St. Paul area.

<– Day 3 & 4 – Mon. May 6th & Tues May 7th: Bismarck, North Dakota | Trip Overview | Day 6 – Thurs. May 9th: Rain Rain Go Away –>


4 Comments on “Wed. May 8th: Don’s 1962 Wagon and Mr. Jangles

  1. Frenchy

    My GF works at the Minnesota History Center that you visited, I will pass along the fact that you enjoyed your visit there, hope you enjoyed your time in St. Paul

  2. Deilers

    We just got done with the museum. Except for the crazy school kids we enjoyed the museum. Nice to see a real wood Wurlitzer jukebox in there, too. We’ll be visiting the north tonawanda museum as Wurlitzer family reps for their Wurlitzer event. My only complaint about the museum is that I only saw one jeep (on a poster). 🙂

    Sorry we didn’t get a chance to touch base. At some future point we’ll need to return to the library. I found some useful family history information.

  3. Leo

    Oh Don, please fix it, or it’ll end as a completely bone stock original pile of dust one day….

  4. Buz

    Looks like Don has good taste in vehicles if that retired Ford Police Interceptor beside the Jeep is his also.

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