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Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts

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Peter Debella and I at Peter Debella Jeep Parts in Riverhead, Long Island

On Monday we drove east on Long Island to Riverhead, New York.


Monday’s drive to visit Peter Debella in Riverhead.

On Monday we dropped off Karson at his ‘home’ (an Extended Stay Inn), exchanged good byes, and headed east to meet with Peter Debella in Riverhead, New York. Peter runs Peter Debella Jeep Parts. He invited Ann and I out to see some of the jeeps and parts he has.


This unlucky parts jeep got hit by a falling tree during a storm.

2013-05-27-peter9 2013-05-27-peter8


Wow, does he have parts!

2013-05-27-peter5 2013-05-27-peter1 2013-05-27-peter2

Peter began collecting jeeps as a teenager. His first jeep was MB that he restored. Over the years he collected more jeeps, some he bought and some that he was given. As he collected jeeps, he collected parts. So, he began selling parts as a hobby. That hobby kept his busier and busier until he one day he had a chance to buy a large inventory of jeep parts. It was big decision and a giant risk, but he got a loan and plunged into the business full time. He’s never looked back. Over the years he’s learned the importance of using good quality parts, something he told us he focuses on providing his customers.

After all these years he still enjoys talking jeeps, selling parts, and driving them. If you call his shop, he’s the one that will mostly likely answer. If you tell him what you need, he can tell you if he has it or not (there’s not much he doesn’t have).


Here’s the sign in front of his place in Riverhead.

So, thanks to Peter for giving us memorable tour of his 25,000 square feet of parts space(s) and to both he and his wife for a wonderful backyard lunch barbecue. We look forward to seeing you both again!

On Tuesday we head to Connecticut.

<– Day 22 & 23 – Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson | Trip Overview | Day 25 – Tues. May 28th: Some Family History –>


4 Comments on “Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts

  1. Lou cammarata

    Hi Peter , just wondering when those cj 5 jeep tubs from India will be arriving ? Also I’m restoring my 1962 cj5 and was wondering if you have any chassais available ? Thanks Lou

  2. ben

    Hi Pete Ben Dobreuenaski here. I wonder if your supplier can build a smaller diameter steering wheel. I could see the average person with a few pounds passing on a CJ 2 0r 3a because they cant get behind the wheel. Just a thought

  3. John B

    I’m new to the military Jeep world.
    I have ordered a lot of parts from Peter and have been very pleased with them and his service.
    In fact, pretty much everyone has been helpful.

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