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Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson

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Karson, Ann, and I on the Long Island Train heading into the city.

SATURDAY MAY 25TH: On Saturday, went to Manhattan for the day, then drove to a relative’s place in Quogue. New York.


Our Saturday travels to Manhattan, then to Quogue.

First, we joined the rest of Manhattan and half of Connecticut when we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has been almost exactly thirty years since I’d last seen the museum at age 17. I’m pretty sure in the past thirty years the museum has doubled in size. Well, that or my 47 year old legs are a little more tired than they should be. I guess that’s the downside of spending the last three months either traveling or writing. I look forward to getting back into shape when we return to Pasco.


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This was my wife’s idea. That’s all I”m saying.

After the museum, we braved the cold and rain as Karson led us to his favorite noodle shop in Chinatown near the Manhattan bridge. I didn’t realize it that day, but I later figured out we were only a couple blocks from my Great Great Great Grandfather’s clothing shop at 128 Chatham Square where my great great grandfather Anton Eilers worked between 1861-1863. Small world!


Karson and I co-navigating the city.

The dumping shop Karson showed us was a hole-in-the wall with barely enough room for the three of us, let alone the twenty three people who squeezed into the tiny lobby to escape the rain. I handed Karson a twenty dollar bill and told him to order enough dumplings for us.

I was surprised to see him return with twenty dumplings and a beef pancake, along with fifteen dollars in change. The food was awesome! We quickly gobbled through it, so I ordered more. $6.50 later, we had more dumplings and another beef pancake. Who would have thought that we’d roll out of the tiny lobby stuffed with great tasting food for under twelve dollars! Well done Karson!


After our lunch, we toured the city a little more. Here we are in Little Italy, then in Chinatown.




Since we had a dinner appointment with relatives is Quogue, we returned to Sea Cliff via the subway and train, then grabbed our jeep and headed east. We spent some time with my father’s cousin and her family.

SUNDAY MAY 26TH: On Sunday we took a break from traveling and spent the day and in around Sea Cliff. First, we drove around with our host, Leslie. It was a beautiful day.


Our farthest trek was to the town of nearby Rosyln, where Karson got to visit some family graves. There we discovered that a copper plaque that was glued to a large rock overlooking the family burial plots was missing. It turned out it was in the maintenance shed. The staff needed a payment to have the plaque properly glued back onto the rock.


This final photo were the gates to my great great grandfather’s estate on Sea Cliff. The only remaining structures (that I know of) are these gates and Emma’s painting studio, turned house.


It was great to spend the weekend with Karson. Tomorrow, we’ll be dropping him off at his hotel, then  we’ll be heading to visit Peter DeBella.

<– Day 21 – Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps  | Trip Overview | Day 24 – Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts –>


4 Comments on “Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson

  1. Justin

    What a great story about Peter and his shop! I hope to follow his career path someday. Is he hiring! 😉

  2. Bill

    I can’t say what part I bought from Peter…. it was NOS and he only has 3 (?) left. I might want another one some day soon. 🙂


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