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Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps

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The new Great Willys Picnic Banner unfurled!

We started out the morning in Reading, PA. Our first objective was to meet Seth in Kempton. I felt bad about not being around for the Picnic, so meeting up with Seth was the next best thing.


On Friday we drove from Reading, Pennsylvania, to Sea Cliff, New York.

Seth’s place is hidden among some of the endless Pennsylvania hills. It’s east to see how much fun having a jeep would be for cruising all the quiet backgrounds in the area.


Another quiet Pennsylvania road.


This is one of many old barns in excellent condition set against a quaint backdrop.

By the time we arrived, Seth and his wife Heather were waiting for us at their house atop a windy hill. It’s a great vintage looking home that was built only ten years ago. Their son Levi wanted to join us, but had to go to school instead. I signed a poster and told him I’d try to get to the Picnic next year.

Seth volunteered to get his jeeps out of the shed (despite some drizzle) so we could photograph them. We didn’t have to push either of them! He’s got some additional jeeps in back that serve as parts vehicles. Seth also got a few neat signs on the walls.

Ann and I enjoyed their company very much and look forward to more time next year! Thanks for the coffee cake, too! Here are a few pics:


2013-05-24-seth2 2013-05-24-seth1 2013-05-24-seth4Here are a couple of signs. I particularly like the vintage racing sign.

2013-05-24-seth7 2013-05-24-seth6After our visit with Seth and Heather, we drove to Dietrichs, which is located in Krumsville, PA. They had endless varieties of smoked and pickles meats. It was an awesome place (thanks for the suggestion John) and the food was fantastic!



dietrich-smoked-meats-krumsville5 dietrich-smoked-meats-krumsville4 dietrich-smoked-meats-krumsville3

After forking out a good chunk of cash, we headed for NYC to pick up my son. We arrived to the sounds of the locals beeping in our direction. We assumed they were welcoming us.

Karson informed us that he was still on call, but didn’t know when he’d leave for Oklahoma. However, he did receive permission to come stay with us, so tonight he doesn’t have to share a bed (they have him sharing a room with three other guys, so two guys per bed). He seems very happy about sleeping alone for a few days.


Karson and I spending some time cooking together.

On the book front, I pushed the Amber Panels of Konigsberg book to the publisher on Thursday night. The book was approved and an order of the initial books has shipped. I’ll be signing and selling a limited set of books at the Bantam Festival as a special edition. Then I’ll review the book to determine if any additional changes need to be made before releasing it for everyone.

Since I won’t be working on the book for the remainder of the trip, regular updates should begin on Tuesday.

 <– Day 20 – Thurs. May 23rd: And Then it Started Raining at the Worst Time | Trip Overview | Day 22 & 23 – Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson –>


5 Comments on “Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps

  1. windyhill

    Dave Thanks for stopping by! It was really fun to meet you and Ann, we had a really nice time visiting, I’m glad to hear you folks may be coming back next year, your always welcome. As usual yes it was windy on Windyhill… Dave and I could barley hold onto the banner for the picture! lol Dave, Levi was thrilled with the poster, and thanks again for the dual resv. master cylinder and T shirt from R&P! That was a real surprise! Also Thank you R&P!! It will be going on the cj6 project!

    Hope you didn’t have any “extra” on your order form Dietricks! ; ) LOL! See you next year!

  2. Craig B.

    Sure would be nice to have one of those “Limited Addition” copies for my Library. Since I’ve only bought two reading books (Both “Finding Virginia!) in my life other than Jeep Manuals I feel the need to broaden my horizons.

  3. Buz

    Dave your ninth photo down inside the market, you could start competing with the website “people of

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Seth: I didn’t see anything unusual related to the scales. We tried some of their smoked pork ribs . . . awesome!
    Craig: I’m sure we could work something out 🙂
    Buz: Yeah, they were an interesting pair.

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