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Thurs. June 20th: Meeting Karson’s Team

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Thursday and Friday were the last two days of the trip and consisted mostly of driving home to Pasco.


On Thursday June 20th we drove from Kearney to Salt Lake City. On Friday June 21st we drove from Salt Lake City to Pasco.

On Thursday morning we woke in Kearney and got driving early. Our plan was to stop and meet Karson and his team an hour west of Kearney.  Karson and his FEMACorp team was heading east from Oklahoma at the same time we were heading west on I-80. So, we found a good place to stop and take a picture together. I know it looks like he is taller than me, but I’m pretty sure that’s an optical illusion.


After our quick meet, we drove to Salt Lake City, arriving in the evening and in time to have some fish tacos at the Lone Star Taqueria with my other kids, Kasia and Colter. We spent Thursday night in Salt Lake City.


On Friday morning we left for Pasco, arriving in the evening. The trip was amazing, a one-in-a-lifetime adventure where numerous things–Jeeps, wurlitzer, Karson, and friends–all lined up to make  it unforgettable. Thanks to everyone who hosted us, met us, dined us, and gave us suggestions.

After 10,000+ miles over 49 days it’s time to rest.

The End

<– Day 47 – Wed. June 19th: House on the Rock & Steve | Trip Overview –>


2 Comments on “Thurs. June 20th: Meeting Karson’s Team

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Nice group photo, Dave, but don’t be in denial about your son’s height. My youngest son is 3 inches taller than me, and he’s quite happy to tell anyone who’ll listen that he’s the tallest one in his family.

  2. tom gallagher

    yes dave, steve is right. he might not be quite as tall yet but be careful, he’ll be able to kick your tail in a few more years. like as a friend told me – he can only keep up with his son for about 5 minutes till he gets tired.

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