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Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum

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Ann thought this was a good idea. Gotta humor her sometimes.

On Thursday June 13th we drove to Pittsburgh, then on to Canton, Ohio, for the night.


On June 13th we drove from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, to Canton, Ohio.

On Thursday, our main goal was to visit the Senator John Heinz History Center in downtown Pittsburgh. But, of course, our drive wouldn’t have been complete without a run-in with my iPhone’s SIRI. At a critical juncture, SIRI highlighted two competing exits. Unsure which one to take, we guessed wrong and had to drive an extra fifteen minutes. That SIRI is one tricky ‘helper’!

When we finally arrived we couldn’t find any parking. Fortunately, my wife is broken, so we have a handicap pass. Otherwise, we’d have driven away.


The museum specializes in Western Pennsylvania history. Gerald had recommended we visit and mentioned there was a jeep. So, I wasn’t surprised when we walked into the lobby and spotted a jeep right away on a first floor display. It turned out to be #1007 BRC-60. That means it was likely the 8th jeep ever built. It was donated to the museum in 1944 and looks in great shape.

2013-06-14-heinz-museum-brc60 2013-06-14-heinz-museum-brc-60-sign

I wasn’t prepared for the other jeeps we saw. On the second floor we encountered a beautiful Bantam Speedster. I think my name was on that one somewhere. I was all ready to take it for a spin.


Next we spotted a Bantam BRC-40 (third generation Bantam jeep). Note the Bantam factory photo to the right.


Finally, we spotted the front of this wagon (with the rest painted as background)


I’d hoped to find something in the gift store with Bantam on it, but there was nothing :-(.

When we returned to our jeep, imagine our surprise when we found a note left by a reader. He knew we were in the area and spotted our vehicle!

Eventually, we landed in Canton and Bob and Mindy’s for the night (thanks for dinner Mindy!). Bob and Brenda joined us as well and we had a wonderful evening. While there, I picked up the newly minted draft-books of my latest novel, the Amber Panels of Konigsburg!


On Friday morning we drive to the Bantam Festival. We’ll have a busy couple of days, especially given the fact that I have some presentations to give.

<– Day 40 – Wed. June 12th: A Collection Worthy of a Kaiser | Trip Overview | Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival –>


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