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Sat. May 4th: Miracle of America Museum, Polson, MT

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2013-05-05-miracle-museum1Saturday May 4th, our two month trip begins! We will be on the road until the end of June.

For the first leg of our East Coast trip our principal objective today was to make it to the Miracle of America Museum just south of Polson, MT. We left Pasco at 10am knowing it would take 5 1/2 hours to drive there and a 1/2 hour stop for lunch (we had to stop for some pho at our favorite place in Coeur D’ Alene, ID). Doing the math, we realized we’d arrive at the museum at 4pm, which gave us an hour to look around it before it closed at 5pm. Simple math, yes? . . . Wrong.


Our first day of driving, from Pasco to Livingston, Montana.

The first sign of trouble occurred as we crossed into Montana from Idaho on I-90. I was driving when I spotted a sign that informed us we were Entering Mountain Time Zone. Oh crap! I forgot all about the time change. A quick review of the math meant that we’d arrive at 5pm, just as it closed.

However, there was a caveat. The website indicated that the museum stayed open until 8pm during the summer, but never defined what days were considered summer days. So, as we descended out of the pass towards Missoula, Ann gave the museum a call at 3:30pm and it went like this:

Ann: Hi, how late are you open tonight?
Museum: Depends. Where are you now?
Ann (shocked): We are approaching St. Regis, Montana.
Museum: Ok, I’ll keep the museum open for you. I have some paperwork to do anyway.

With that simple phone call, Gil Mangels volunteered to keep his museum open so we could look around the place all by ourselves! I called at 4:40 to update him and say we wouldn’t be there until 5:15. He said that wouldn’t be a problem.

We finally arrived at 5:20pm, just as the last remaining visitor left. We walked inside and there was Gil ready to take our money ($5 each – BARGAIN!) and explain where everything was. We thanked him for staying open and said we didn’t want to use too much of his time. He said just take your time.

We weren’t there five minutes before we knew we had a problem. There was so much cool stuff to look at that we couldn’t move ourselves along fast enough. Gil and his late wife have done a wonderful job of creating a feast for the eyes. Ann and i were giddy school kids pointing things out to each other, reading stuff, and having a blast. We were there forty five minutes and still hadn’t made it through a 1/4 of the complex yet.

We didn’t want to impost on Gil, so we chose to go to plan B:  See the jeeps real quickly, photograph them, and then return later this summer so we could spend all day looking around the place.

Before we left, we got a chance to spend some time talking with Gil. When we explained about eWillys, Gil explained he grew up on a nearby farm and his parents had an old flattie, but he couldn’t remember the model. He said they did everything with it.

Gil belongs to the Military Vehicle Preservation Association and he restored the M-38 below that he proudly displays in one of the rooms. It’s a very nice restoration. It was featured in the MVPA and GIl was kind enough to copy the article for me, but I haven’t had time to go through it yet.

2013-05-05-miracle-museum2 2013-05-05-miracle-museum3 2013-05-05-miracle-museum4

In addition to the M-38, there are two more M-38A1s, a Slat Grille MB, and a M-151, a Mule, and a Jeepster for visitors to see. There is a Pedal Jeep in the toy section, a few hot wheel-like jeep toys. I also spotted several posters, cards and brochures in the war-related areas.

The Miracle of American museum is a gem. It reminded me of my experience to House on the Rock in Wisconsin, where each corner was a feast for the eyes. But, unlike HOR, there’s a better educational and museum experience. I can see why it’s been called the Smithsonian of the west. There is enough wonder — cool stuff, historic stuff, and odd ball stuff — to keep a whole family entertained. Military buffs, car buffs, farm buffs, motorcycle buffs, history buffs (how about a whole shed of old washing machines?) will love this place. It is worth the trip, especially since you get to talk to the guy who made it happen.

Here’s a bunch of pictures we took:


Another Stewart Warner heater!


Oh my precious . . . I wants to take precious home . . .

2013-05-05-miracle-museum5 2013-05-05-miracle-museum6 2013-05-05-miracle-museum8 2013-05-05-miracle-museum9 2013-05-05-miracle-museum10 2013-05-05-miracle-museum11 2013-05-05-miracle-museum12 2013-05-05-miracle-museum14 2013-05-05-miracle-museum15

After leaving the museum, we had a beautiful drive, even seeing this colorful rainbow.

We chased after the rainbow, but never caught it. Instead, we drove until we reached Livingston, Montana, where we spent the night.

Tomorrow, we head for North Dakota.

<– Trip Overview | Day 2 – Sun. May 5th: Cowboys, Vistas, and Pirates –>


7 Comments on “Sat. May 4th: Miracle of America Museum, Polson, MT

  1. Gerald

    Wow quite a start to your journey. Looks like a great place.

    Maybe you’ve already hit a couple of your trip themes.
    1) Lots of stuff to see,
    2) Not enough time to see it,
    3) Running behind schedule,
    4) Help from accomodating people,
    5) Problems with simple math.

    Doesn’t sound like a bad life either.

  2. Josh

    That place is great! Get out and go if you’re in the area. I visited a year or so ago, spent a few hours and didn’t have time to see everything. It’s the type of place that depth in every area; all kinds of unique stuff crammed in every corner. An incredible collection and vanishing American landmark. Also the scenery around the area is beautiful.

  3. Blaine

    Oh! That’s the place I drove by last June heading to Kalispell. It was too late to stop and I didn’t realize that it was a museum. I was too busy driving and only spotted the White car carrier. the BMW 600 and the Austin Atlantic convertible. I almost salvaged a very rusty Atlantic abut 20 years ago but the bulldozer got to it first.

  4. Andrew Bowen

    I travel thru Polson about once a year, and I always stop here. It is definatly a must see.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Isn’t that photo of the UFOs classified! …not that I can confirm nor deny the existance nor authenticity of any such extraterestrial artifacts.

  6. Ron Davis

    Thanks! this was great. I’m a barber by trade and lived in Polson until 2009. My wife and I were both involved in the Museum. During their big blowout weekend I took over the early 1900’s Barber Shop and gave 4-bit haircuts. We had a blast doing it, and of coarse everything was donated (time & money ). Hadn’t heard about Gil’s Wife, Sorry Gil, we both know how hard you both dedicated your efforts to the Museum. We miss you Ron & Roberta Davis

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