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1942 Photo of Early MB Laying Wire on eBay

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This photo really shows off the WILLYS stamp.

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“1942 Press Photo A wire-laying jeep rolls out lines for telephone communication. This is an original press photo. In the field, the wire-laying jeep speedily rolls out the vital lines for telephone communication. U.S. Army land vehicles Photo measures 5.25 x 5inches. Photo is dated 05-30-1942.”



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DJ-3As Helping Police

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Gayland shared Officer Ryan’s Facebook post of Jeeps in the Philadelphia police force. They were shared in the DJ – Postal Jeep Group.

dj3a-police-jeeps4 dj3a-police-jeeps2 dj3a-police-jeeps3



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Odd Jeep with House-Like Top

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I can’t remember where I found these photos of an unusual house-like top on a MB/GPW.

nite-electric-house-top1 nite-electric-house-top2

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1954 Photo of a Mighty Mite Being Tested on eBay

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Cool, but odd photo, given the roadway behind it. Lots of competing visual angles.

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“This is an original press photo. Light enough to be airlifted by helicopter but tough enough to pull through knee deep mud, the mighty mite is to be produced by American Motors Corp. for the military forces. The mighty mite weighs 1,300 pounds less than the jeep and is 43 inches shorter. It is capable of climbing an 87% grade and can do 57 miles an hour on the highway. Its powerful aluminum die cast, air cooled engine enables the vehicle to carry a payload of 500 pounds while towing another 1,000 pounds over rough terrain. United States – Army – Equipment – Vehicles Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-05-1954”



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Photo of Bantam T2E1 on eBay

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UPDATE: Another version of this press photo is on eBay. See similars one posted on eBay in the past below.

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“1941 Press Photo John McCloy & C.M. Drury inspect a new gun mounted on a jeep. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “Tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting technique today, John McCloy (left) assistant secretary of way, and C.M. Drury, assistant special weapons–A 37m. anti-tank gun mounted on the famed “jeep” reconnaissance car. U.S. Army land vehiclesPhoto measures 9.5 x 6.5inches. Photo is dated 08-27-1941.”




#2: Originally posted 05/08/2018

“1941 Press Photo The Army’s fast “jeep car” with anti-tank gun at Fort Meade. This is an original press photo. As the Army’s first “tank killer” battalion showed off its new fighting techniques at Fort Meade, Maryland, Wednesday, John McCloy, assistant secretary of war, and C.M. Drury, assistant military attache in the Canadian legation, inspected one of the unit’s special weapons. It is the Army’s fast “jeep car,” now equipped with a 37 mm anti-tank gun. United States Army – Equipment – Guns Photo measures 10.25 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 8-28-1941.



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1946 Jeep Herder Movie Pics **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Old Images

UPDATE II: Here are pics of the Ford Pygmy and Ford Budd to use for comparison with the jeep in the movie. To me it looks like the film makers built a custom vehicle based on the Ford Budd, which Maury points out, in the comments section below, was in Hollywood at the time.



FORD PYGMY:ford-pygmy-budd-comparision

Note the differences between the two above and the “jeep” below: Angle of the steering wheel, position of the front fenders vis-a-vis the hood, length of cowl at the step, the rolled edges of the body (same as Budd, Pygmy didn’t have them), short rear handle of the Pygmy (Budd had long hand), incorrect hubs ..  I wonder if that is a Bantam chassis?



ORIGINAL POST … these photos were sold on eBay: Thanks to Maury for spotting these pics from the Jeep Herders movie. There are a couple Ford GPs pictured. I’m not sure what’s going on with the side of the Ford GP. Looks like it is similar to the original Pygmy GP.

“Originally by Planet Productions, 1946, re-released by Astor Pictures in 1949. Story is returning vets use Jeeps to herd cattle.”



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Lewis and Clark Cavern Jeep Railway Postcards on eBay

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UPDATE: This was last published in 2012. A couple of the postcards are back on eBay.

Originally published November 10, 2012: The Lewis and Clark Cavern was Montana’s first State Park and is located here. You can read about the history of the caves here.  In 1947 the Montana Standard published an article about the cavern accompanied by the photo and caption below. You can view the entire article in this PDF file.

Here are three postcards related to this Jeep Railway.

1. View all the information on eBay

2. I haven’t seen this one on eBay in a while …

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1944 Photo of Jeeps on Guadacanal on ebay

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Eight inches of rain in twenty-four hours sounds miserable!

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“This is an original press photo. Guadalcanal has two seasons, the rainy, between November and May and the wet. The only difference is that during the wet season there are no floods or as the natives put in when the rainy season comes “White men leaves the island, and the native die.

American Marine soldiers and sailors couldn’t leave the island and when the rainy season reached peak recently they were amazed at the vast quantities of water that poured continuously from the clouds. As much as eight inches of rain fall in 24 hours and river rose as high as seven feet above normal in two hours, Frantically everything was under water and most transportation was by boat. Flood Bridged – Two jeeps make their perilous way across a temporary bridge that was constructed over a low spot on Guadalcanal to prevent disruption of traffic. The swirling waters undermined this bridge before it was even completed but the floods caused such a major problems to transportation that anything above water was considered safe.

Photo measures 8.25 x 10.25 inches. Photo is dated 04-30-1944.”

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1943 Photo of Infantry Troops in Tunisia on eBay

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Not a great photo of the jeep.

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“1943 Press Photo Jeep & US Servicemen Walking in El Guettar Valley Tunisia WWII”


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1944 Article about a Bantam BRC-40 named “Old 72”

Mario shared this on Facebook.


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1950 Photo of Troops Pulling Jeep From Water on eBay

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This is the latest “floating jeep” training photo that’s I’ve seen. Anyone know how long troops floating jeeps as part of their training?

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“1950 Press Photo Troops haul floating jeep from water in training at Camp McCoy.
This is an original press photo. Troops of the pioneer and ammunition platoon of the 14th regimental combat team haul a floating jeep from the water in a demonstration of “flotation expedients” for civilian competent organizations training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. Parts of the team, a regular army unit on detached service from Camp Carson, Colorado, conduct demonstrations in all phases of infantry training for national guard, ROTC and ORC units at summer encampments. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 7-21-1950.”



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Willys Wagon in a Steak n Shake photo

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Brandon spotted a Willys Wagon in a photo hanging on the wall of a Bowling Green, Kentucky, Steak N’ Shake.


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Willys Wagon at an Early In & Out Burger

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Packrat shared this neat photo of a wagon at an In & Out Burger. I didn’t know In & Out featured Kentucky Fried Chicken (maybe for a short time .. I can’t find any history about that).


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August 1945 Photo of First(?) CJ-2A on eBay

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UPDATE III: Another version of this press photo is on eBay.

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“1945 Press Photo First Civilian Jeep Tourer Sarah Elizabeth Rodger, New York
This is an original press photo. Sarah Elizabeth Rodger makes local history as she starts tour of the city in first civilian jeep on the streets of New York. A writer, who in private life is the wife of Dr. L. Patrick Moore, has always wanted “to do a new thing first” and, this she did, by jeepers! Photo measures 9 x 7 inches. Photo is dated 09-03-1945.”

1945-09-03-sarah-elizabeth-roger-cj2a-1 1945-09-03-sarah-elizabeth-roger-cj2a-2


(05/20/2016) UPDATE II: Another version of this press photo is available on eBay.

“1945 Press Photo New York Sara Roger drives civilian jeep NYC -”

1945-08-30-cj2a-vec-sara-rogers1 1945-08-30-cj2a-vec-sara-rogers2

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1943 Photo of Jeep in Glider on eBay

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UPDATE: This is really interesting. Here’s a photo op from the same day, but from slightly different angles. I’m wondering if it is the work of two separate photographers. The top one is for sale on eBay and the bottom one sold back in 2014. 

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1943-03-13-glider-photo2Note that I darkened the caption page, as it was hard to read in its existing lighter format.


eBay pics from 2014.



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1956 Photo of Shriners in Seattle Parade on eBay

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Since we were in Seattle today, this photo seems appropriate. Downtown has changed a little bit since this was taken.

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“1966 Press Photo Shriners Ride in Jeep Parade 1960s Downtown Seattle Washington”




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Photo of Henry J Kaiser in an Aluminum Jeep

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UPDATE II (July 20, 2018) : Keith provided portions of a document that show the agreement between Karl Probst / R.N. Harger and KAISER.

Probst-Harger-jeep-junior1 Probst-Harger-jeep-junior2

UPDATE (July 1, 2018) : Barry found a set of specs that could be a match to this prototype. Also, Keith noted that there were 6 different designs from the Probst-Harger” collaboration.

Original Post June 26th: Barry spotted this photo on the Kaiser Permanente history site. The jeep is listed as a 1943 Model 1160 “Kaiser Lightweight Jeep”. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be an Airborne prototype or just a concept lightweight jeep. Henry J. Kaiser is on the right. I think that’s Karl Probst on the far left; Rollin N. Harger might be seated in the middle.

Henry-Kaiser-in-Jeep 2

large spec sheet hkf950

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1940 Ford Pygmy Photo on eBay

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The bottom is a more familiar photo. I can’t remember if I’ve seen the top one.

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“1940- Ford Pygmy during testing at Camp Holabird. The Ford Pygmy is the pilot vehicle submitted by Ford Motor Company in response to the U.S. Army’s requirement for a “light reconnaissance and command car” during the military buildup prior to World War II. It is the only known survivor of the original pilot vehicles built by Bantam, Willys, and Ford and tested by the Army. Photo measures approx. 6 3/4″ x 8 3/4″ ”

1940-12-13-ford-pygmy1 1940-12-13-ford-pygmy2

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1941 Photo of Willys Quad Being Tested on eBay

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Here’s a rare photo.

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“1941- U.S. Troops Testing Willys Quad Prototype Jeep on Rough Terrain. Photo measures approx. 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2”


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1944 Photo with Two Lt. Generals on ebay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Neat photo.

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“1944 Press Photo Lt. Gen. Walter Kredger Gets In Jeep With Lt. Gen. Eichelberger. This is an original press photo. Lt. Gen. Walter Kredger, commander of the 8th Army, gets in his jeep while Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger, who commanded the American forces furing the Papuan campaign, scrambles for a back seat. The two officers were making a tour of an advanced base in the Southwest Pacific after Lt. Gen. Kredger made the presentation of the “Streamer” award to the headquarters I Corps of the 6th Army, which was cited for its outstanding performance in repulsing the enemy on Papua, July 23rd, 1942, to January 23rd, 1943. Photo measures 7.25 x 9 inches. Photo is dated 5-3-1944.”

1944-05-03-jeep1 1944-05-03-jeep2

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Funky Jeep Photo

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This photo appeared in what I think was a 1979 issue of Jeep News (I couldn’t find an exact date). It’s a funky setup!

1979-jeep-news1 1979-jeep-news2

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1946 Testimontial from John S. Yaryan

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The writer of this testimonial must have had a very low numbered VEC.




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1951 Photo of New Year Wishes From Scots on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Nice New Years message from some Scots to the Yanks.

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“1951 Press Photo Scottish soldiers in Korea chalked New Year greetings on a jeep. This is an original press photo. New Year greetings were extended to GI’s by these Scottish soldiers in Korea. They chalked the greetings on the upraised hood of a jeep while waiting for canned food to warm on the engine of the vehicle. The tam wearers are Pvt. Thomas Dunn and Pvt. George Cameron. KW – Troops – UN Photo measures 8 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 01-04-1951.”



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Photo of Army Pictorial Services with Willys Slat MB on eBay

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Neat photo that includes a Willys MB slat grille.

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“WWII Army Pictorial Service Soldiers Jeep Photographer Theater Press Real Photo
MEASURES: 3.5 inches by 5 in.
CONDITION: shows some wear (some staining)”

army-pictoral-service-willys-mb1 army-pictoral-service-willys-mb2

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Orchard Sprayers By Field Force Manufacturing

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Documents, Features, Old Images

These documents were in a late 1940s Willys Overland binder.

There seems to be a very slight difference between the two sprayer packages offered by Field Force Manufacturing. One package used a pump with stainless steel non-magnetic plungers that gave the pump higher capacity and more pressure capability. It weighed slightly more, too.

Scan10089-sprayers-field-force Scan10088-sprayers-field-force Scan10086-sprayers-field-force Scan10085-sprayers-field-force Scan10087-sprayers-field-force