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1951 Farm Jeep & Jeep Tractor Brochure

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This modest four page brochure was spotted by Maury on eBay along with five other cool brochures which I’ll share over the next few days. They are great brochures at a killer buy-it-now price.

Each of the brochures had consecutive form numbers, from FS-514100 to FS-514105. The brochure below included extra digits at the front: FS-4 FS-514102.




5 Comments on “1951 Farm Jeep & Jeep Tractor Brochure

  1. Barry

    I think the Farm Jeep Tractor is one of the great remaining mysteries of early Willys history. The question is why on earth would you feel the need for a product that lacked the very features that would make anyone think about buying a Jeep for the farm. Gone are the multi-purpose road-worthy advantages that made up (at least somewhat) for the Jeep’s lackluster performance as a tractor.

    Bob Westerman’s article is a good starting point if you want to learn more about the tractor. I’ve been staring at this brochure for years, trying to address the “why” question. Bob’s suggestions for “why” are good ones, but it still leaves me asking “What were those guys drinking.”

  2. John North Willys

    I found some old disc harrows on the pig ranch — i’m going to use them to grade the road — or try — drag them behind the cj-6 — then maybe use them for tilling the soil — plant some more sagebrush ? — the hippies in town love sage ( and crystals ) — well I don’t know if they are real hippies ? — I didn’t see them on haight street 1967 ? — new age pseudo hippies ? — religious nuts ? — cult members ?? — who knows ? — I found buddhist writings etched into the lava 12,000 feet up mt. ****** — no bigfoot sightings yet — did spot the big fellow over on the eel river 1985 , very frightening — yes , this is now willys jeep center of the universe — see you at base camp ??

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I agree. Based on the literature and ads I’ve seen, the Farm Jeep/ Jeep Tractor seems to be the last (desperate?) product push geared towards the farming community. After that, the marketing push seems to be more towards utility and industry, especially after Kaiser gained control.

    – Dave

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Odd that the Jeep tractor had no oil filter! The conditions on a farm should have made it a standard feature. Like Barry said,what were those guys drinking!

  5. Bob

    Doers anyone know if there are any surviving jeep “tractors” out there? It does seem an odd choice but maybe they were trying to bring the price down?

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