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CJ-3A Fire Jeep Photos on eBay

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UPDATE: These three General Electric Fire Jeep CJ-3A photos are for sale on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

” 8 x10 images and all in very good condition.”


year-cj3a-fire-jeep-general-electric1 year-cj3a-fire-jeep-general-electric2


Originally Posted May 1, 2013: Marc uncovered these two Fire Jeep Photos

1) This photo was in the Allen County Community LIbrary.

General Electric Company’s new fire jeep loaded with women at the GE gate. The talking dummy and a fire prevention display are on the right. Ladies are unknown. Photo is from a Fire Prevention Book made in 1951.


2) This is on Flickr. Apparently, this photo was taken at the Le May Museum, but we never saw it there.


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Photos of 1941 Checker-Owned Bantam BRC-40

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I happened across these Bantam/Checker BRC-40 photos on Flickr. Note the ‘Checker’ gauge in the dash.

You can view al the photos on Flickr: Below are a couple:

1941-checker-bantam-4wheel-steer3 1941-checker-bantam-4wheel-steer5

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Old Jeep Photos on Flickr

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Dan spotted this Flickr thread that shows old photos from the Hemet Jeep Club. There are also multiple photos of a great looking CJ-5 with an unusual bumper setup. You might remember these great LIfe Magazine photos from a 1949 Hemet Jeep Club Anza Calvacade.

Here is a link to view the old photos Dan found (you have to browse between the photos to see all the old jeep pics). I’ve copied a few of the photos to share below:




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Jeep Ambulance on Flickr

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I’m not sure  where this was taken, but it is so rare to find one of these jeep ambulances still around. If I have ever listed on for sale, I don’t remember it.


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Photos from Subic Bay, Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand, and More

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Doug had some more (over a thousand) photos digitized from a variety of southeast Asian places from the 50s and 60s and 70s. They were taken by a man who was in the Navy and seems to have traveled or lived all over. Doug has posted over a thousand pictures on Flickr. There are both location photos and photos of business cards, which I found interesting.

See all of them here:

Here are a few closeups of photos with jeeps:

1968 outside the Mexico Club (Original Photo)


1968 Subic, Philippines (Original Photo)


United Bar outside and inside of folding business card (Original Outside and Inside)


1969 Bangkok, M-606 (Original Photo)


You might remember this photo that was posted on eWillys in early November. The movie playing at the theatre was “Destination Vietnam”. 1968 Subic Bay, Philippines (Original Photo)

My beautiful picture

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Shorty’s Europe: A Collection of Flickr Images

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Roberto spotted this collection of photos taken during/after the WWII. The photos are worth combing through. There are a few, but not many, jeep photos.


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Photos From Flickr

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Below are some Flickr photos of rusty jeeps.

How about these rusty jeeps! You can see the original here on Flickr. It appears this jeep junkyard is in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, but I can’t swear to it. The photo was taken this past June.


Here’a  rusty CJ-6(?) out of Turkey on Flickr.

rusty-jeep-from-turkey-flickrNo indication where this FC was located.


How about this rusty Tonka Jeep from Flickr.


This is from the MASH outdoor set in California. You can see a couple videos here. We HOPE to do a California trip during March on our way to Phoenix. This location is on my list. You can view the original photo on Flickr.


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Jeep Photos from Flickr

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Marc spotted this series of a 130 jeeps. This is part of a collection of photos detailing all kinds of WWI and WWII vehicles, armor and more.


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Museum of the Ozarks Coast Guard Jeep

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John forwarded a link to the Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks in Springfield, MO. The site includes a reference to the restoration of a Coast Guard Jeep.

I found this picture of the jeep on Flickr. Most of it is MB, but unclear why the civilian grille was added.


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2 Viasa Fire Jeeps in Barcelona on Flickr

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This 1974 shot show 2 Viasa Fire Jeeps in Barcelona, Spain.

“1974 – Barcelona – Parc de l’Eixample – Parque Central.
Vehículos auxiliares A-5 y A-6.
Jeep Viasa.”


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Schools At War Jeep Campaign Poster

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Marc spotted this classic poster on Flickr.


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1948 Assembly Line Drawing on Flickr

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Marc discovered these drawings on Flickr. I’m not sure where they were published originally.



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Willys Truck @ Carhenge

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Mark forwarded a linke to Carhenge, an outdoor sculpture just outside Alliance, Nebraska. It turns out a Willys Truck was one of the vehicles used to create it. If we have time, we’ll stop by here and check it out on our way back from the East Coast.

There are a variety of pictures of Carhenge on Flickr. Below is part of one.


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Jeeps Being Repaired in Bangladesh

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I found this picture on Flickr. That’s a long line of jeeps.