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Photos From Flickr

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Below are some Flickr photos of rusty jeeps.

How about these rusty jeeps! You can see the original here on Flickr. It appears this jeep junkyard is in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, but I can’t swear to it. The photo was taken this past June.


Here’a  rusty CJ-6(?) out of Turkey on Flickr.

rusty-jeep-from-turkey-flickrNo indication where this FC was located.


How about this rusty Tonka Jeep from Flickr.


This is from the MASH outdoor set in California. You can see a couple videos here. We HOPE to do a California trip during March on our way to Phoenix. This location is on my list. You can view the original photo on Flickr.



5 Comments on “Photos From Flickr

  1. pascal

    The first picture look like a printscreen of PC Game Call of Duty. It’s more a digital drawing then a real picture for me.

    The dual front winch setup is strange. Who need two winch side by side? For what purpose?

  2. hugh

    I wonder if the jeeps in donaldsonville are owned by an oil company. they look like they started out painted white. i also wonder if they will ever be for sale. they dont look like total junk, just like they were parked and forgotten. m38a1s i think.

  3. Swampdawg

    The first one is in Donaldsonville, and I’m pretty sure they’re all for sale, there’s probabably 50 more, all Willys’….

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