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Old Jeep Photos on Flickr

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Dan spotted this Flickr thread that shows old photos from the Hemet Jeep Club. There are also multiple photos of a great looking CJ-5 with an unusual bumper setup. You might remember these great LIfe Magazine photos from a 1949 Hemet Jeep Club Anza Calvacade.

Here is a link to view the old photos Dan found (you have to browse between the photos to see all the old jeep pics). I’ve copied a few of the photos to share below:





6 Comments on “Old Jeep Photos on Flickr

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    It’s a CJ-5, probably late 1950s based on the fact it still has the battery box lid on the cowl.

  2. Mark S.

    The red jeep is an early CJ-5, probably 55-64. It still has the M38-A1 battery box cover on the top of the cowl. I would need more pic’s to narrow the year down. I want to know what the white flaps on the door openings are, wind deflectors?

  3. Mark S.

    Sorry for all the comments today, all done plowing snow and too cold in Chicago today, to go out if I don’t have to.

  4. Steve E.

    We’re not used to seeing photos of new Jeeps. That red Jeep does look good when it’s brand new, doesn’t it? The pickup & camper is a ’61 GMC, obviously the tow vehicle. So, this was taken in the early ’60’s, which was the best decade to be on earth in the USA.

    **Steve E.**

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