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1944 Photos of the Coast Guard Invader Jeep

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1. The first one is on eBay. 

“1944- U.S. Coast Guardsmen demonstrate new “Invader” jeep, which can carry 10 men and travel up to 60 miles an hour. The Invader is made by sawing a standard Jeep in half and adding three feet to the middle. Photo measures approx. 7″ x 9″”

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2. UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. This photo sold in early 2015. It was taking 3/17/44

Here’s a great shot of the Coast Guard of Invader Jeep. It was stretched three feet to accommodate more people. The text “The Coast Guard Invader” is just visible along the side. Here’s an example of one at a museum in New Jersey.

“944- At a Coastguard Station on the Atlantic Coast, U.S. Coast Guardsmen demonstrate new “Invader” jeep, carrying 10 men and traveling up to 60 miles an hour over sand.”




Below is more info about the Coast Guard Invader.


The photo of the stuck jeep shown below is meant to demonstrate why the Coast Guard created the “Invader Jeep”. Designed to carry 10 people, the caption explains why it will navigate sand better.



Here’s an example of the “Invader Jeep” from the G503 page (see more here). Compare the below pic to the restored “Invader” at the New Jersey Museum.


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Museum of the Ozarks Coast Guard Jeep

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John forwarded a link to the Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks in Springfield, MO. The site includes a reference to the restoration of a Coast Guard Jeep.

I found this picture of the jeep on Flickr. Most of it is MB, but unclear why the civilian grille was added.


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Coast Guard Lengthened Jeep AKA The Invader Jeep

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Coast Guard Super-Jeep at the National Guard Militia Museum in New Jersey.

Posted at bangshift (though I couldn’t find this original link), referenced by Jalopnik, linked to by Kaiser Willys, and forwarded by Colin, here is a great video  of a coast guard “super jeep” in action.


1) From the May 06, 1944, Perth Mirror in Australia:

At a Coastguard Station on the Atlantic Coast, U.S. Coast Guards men recently demonstrated a new super-jeep, carrying 10 men and traveling up to 60 miles an hour over sand. Officials said the super-jeep was developed to meet special problems of Coast Guard shore patrols. Chassis of a regulation jeep was halved and steel shafts inserted to add one yard to its wheelbace. Seats for 10 were installed and specially designed wheels employed to permit travel over any kind of beach.

2) Volume 70 of the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings discusses the results of the Coast Guard Jeep. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the whole document. I do have this:

As a basis for comparison, the regular Army jeep tried to follow the super-jeep over the same course, but foundered in the deep sand. The super-jeep was developed in the Coast Guard transportation office to meet the special demand that branch of services has for a vehicle capable of moving through sand . . .

LINKS: (three good photos of an original coast guard jeep)



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1943 Crawler Dublin, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500. Could this have been a Coast Guard jeep?

“1943 Willys – Currently registered and street legal in CA. Smog exempt. 4.3 liter V6 Chevy engine. TH 350 Transmission. Triple Toyota transfer cases (4.7 front, 3.8 middle & 2.8 rear). Dana 44 in the front, open, chrome molly axle shafts, ctm u-joints. Dana 60 in the rear with spool, 410 front & rear. Hummer H1 12 bolt bead locks on Good Year military radial tires. Crawls like you’ve never seen before. A MUST see/drive in person vehicle. Willing to talk about a trade. Let me know what you have to offer. Serious buyers only.”

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National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey

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I’ve decided to create a new category that tracks the early jeeps located in museums.

Bill Maloney has shot a variety of early jeeps, among other vehicles, that appear in eastern US Museums.  Below are some of the images he has taken at the Militia Museum of New Jersey, in Sea Girt, NJ.  One of the more unique vehicles is the Prototype Extra Light Air Drop (see other lightweight jeeps here). Bill doesn’t provide any info about this particular light weight jeep, however Mark Askew, in his book RARE WW2 JEEP, identifies the vehicle below as a later version of a light weight jeep made my chevrolet.  There is an earlier version of this vehicle that had, at the very least, a slightly different grill and different lights.

Click here to see all of Bill’s 4×4 pics.

Here’s an extended MB Transport Willys (Ok, I don’t really know what the official name for this is).  I assumed these were built special for the Coast Guard?

This is a pilot version of the CJ-2A.  Note the location of the spare tire.

Here is an example of Bantam’s BRC-40.

This is a pic of the Austin Champ:

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1947 CJ-2A Gaithersburg, MD **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5995.

Here’s an unusually stretched CJ-2A.

“Unique extended body, 18 “ in middle and 18” at rear. Great metal condition (top and bottom) for a 62 yr old vehicle. New brake system(master cyl, lines, hoses, shoes, wheel cyl), stops great, quiet engine runs like a top, 20-40 lbs oil pressure, 7,900 original miles, new gauges, no cracked glass, new OD seat covers, running temp is fine, new head gasket, shifts fine, good clutch, no ‘death wobble’, tires balanced and 4 wheel alignment done June 10th 2010, all gear oils recently changed, tight shifter, 134ci flathead 4 cyl, charged 1942 CO2 US Navy Fire Extinguisher, Replica 50 cal gun with ammo box and dummy rounds, manual windshield wiper, tight steering, horn works fine, all lights work, manual turn signaling by driver, Bikini top, Drives at 45 – 50 mph with no problems, 10 gal fuel tank with manual gauge, Great parade vehicle with rear seating for 6 to 8, tires are 2 years old with a lot of miles left, exhaust system is fine and quiet, Original radiator works perfectly with no leaks and has not been repaired to my knowledge. Quite an attention-getter. Will consider partial trade for a 1964 Mercury Comet 2 dr HT / coupe V8 that’s legally tagged and safely drivable. Email for a prompt response. CASH, Wire Transfer ONLY. Clear Title. Will consider free delivery up to 60 miles from 20882