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1948 Assembly Line Drawing on Flickr

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Marc discovered these drawings on Flickr. I’m not sure where they were published originally.




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  1. Joe Friday

    Those are scanned from a Willys Plant Tour brochure titled “What I Saw” at Willys Overland.
    The first page says they are pencil sketches by Eddie Devlin of the Willys Overland Art Department.
    At one time I made full size posters out of them and sold them at a Willys Reunion then donated the money.

    While other people were trying to track down old Peter Sessions water colors, I was chasing the original Devlin sketches. Long story short, he worked alot of places including Chevrolet. I have seen the original photos these are sketches of, but never found the originals. I tracked his daughter down to Poland and the trail went cold, so the originals are still out there somewhere. I want to say this was a 1949 publication.

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