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Photos from Subic Bay, Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand, and More

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Doug had some more (over a thousand) photos digitized from a variety of southeast Asian places from the 50s and 60s and 70s. They were taken by a man who was in the Navy and seems to have traveled or lived all over. Doug has posted over a thousand pictures on Flickr. There are both location photos and photos of business cards, which I found interesting.

See all of them here:

Here are a few closeups of photos with jeeps:

1968 outside the Mexico Club (Original Photo)


1968 Subic, Philippines (Original Photo)


United Bar outside and inside of folding business card (Original Outside and Inside)


1969 Bangkok, M-606 (Original Photo)


You might remember this photo that was posted on eWillys in early November. The movie playing at the theatre was “Destination Vietnam”. 1968 Subic Bay, Philippines (Original Photo)

My beautiful picture


10 Comments on “Photos from Subic Bay, Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand, and More

  1. Bill

    We pray for the people there. It looks like the worse is below Manila on the map. MD Juan, the big Willys reproduction parts manufacturer, is in a city that abuts Manila to the north, I haven’t heard how they faired

  2. Bob

    Rommel Juan posted over at the 2a page and the 3b page and all is well with them. I’m sure they have some employees who’s family members are affected though.

    One a side note, I spent 6 weeks in the Philippines back in 86 or so. I’d have to find my photos but there were jeepneys everywhere.

  3. John Hartman

    When I bought my FC150, I was actually looking for a mid 60’s VW or Model T or A.
    I’m thinking jeepney is a regurgitated word from jitney. Look it up.
    Seems the most difficult parts to duplicating one of these is the rear fenders and roof.
    And the psychedelic or paisley paint schemes.
    Time to get to work Craig.

  4. doug

    For those of you looking for one of these Jeepneys, you might visit Sarao Motors Facebook page-they are still building them. Search FB for “Sarao Motors-Jeepney”

  5. Bob

    A lot of the ones I rode on/in looked like jeeps but were toyota or nissan trucks underneath. Many of them were diesel as well.

  6. glennstin

    Doug, Thanks so much for giving us a look or relook at the Post WWII World. I spent hours in awe of those thousand+ Flickr Pix. Whoever this guy is, he sure gave us a field trip to never forget, as well as a peek at his CJ2A, Model A’s and a Dodge . Our Dave, eWillys buddy knows how to pick ’em.

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