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Jeep Pics from

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Blaine spotted some jeeps on this blogging website with an Oregon State focus. This first photo shows an FC in the background.

This next photo shows an early wagon at the 1948 Strawberry festival:

This photo shows an ad which appeared in magazines, including early Four Wheeler Magazines, so I’m not sure why it appears in this blog.


7 Comments on “Jeep Pics from

  1. Mark S.

    In the 2nd photo, I can’t imagine they let the gal sit on the front fender, looks like an accident waiting to happen. I have never seen the 3rd photo, must be latter than 1952. Interesting that they call them low hood style jeeps as if the newer high hoods may not have been liked by the public when introduced.

  2. colin peabody

    The third photo shows the jeeps on a transport trailer being pulled by a mid 1955 or later Chevy tractor, so by then the high hood CJ3B Jeeps had been out for several years and the distinction was made between the high hood and the low hood Jeeps. The ad indicates 49-52 low hood, which were probably the M-38 Jeeps.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I’m sure it was events like these that led to accidents which led to stopping people from riding where they shouldn’t.

  4. John

    First photo…
    In addition to the FC-150, isn’t that a Willys pickup at in the distant background (to the right of the Coke signs)?

  5. Barney Goodwin

    These are MBs regardless of the mislabeling as 49 – 52. That’s clearly an MB in photo 2 of the ad. Plus it says 6-Volt system. M38s were 24 volt. The M38 was not surplused out until the 60s, and some in the 70s. Given that this dealership is in Los Angeles, these were probably from Asia, possibly Korea as ’45 MBs were the first into the war followed by the M38A1 . M38s skipped Korea and were primarily sent to Germany as a “cold-weather Jeep”. I do agree the ad appears to recognize a reaction to the 3B appearance.

  6. Blaine

    If you go to the blog page and click on the picture you can blow it up and see it much better.

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