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The Ghost Army Documentary from 2013


I had some kind of intestinal issue yesterday, so I spent most of the time in bed. Looking for something interesting to watch on TV, I ran across a documentary called The Ghost Army, which talks about the top-secret unit charged with creating distractions, illusions, and more. I’d heard of the story, but never saw the video.

I watched the film via Amazon Prime; I can’t find it anywhere online, but I did find this short introduction to the Ghost Army video:

Here are some images showing how the group tried to make a jeep into a tank, but that turned out to be a failure. Instead, they turned to blow-up rubber tanks.

ghost-army-jeep-tank6 ghost-army-jeep-tank4 ghost-army-jeep-tank5



Here’s a jeep parked next to a rubber tank:



4 Comments on “The Ghost Army Documentary from 2013

  1. Craig/Vermont

    I have seen it a couple times in the past..I believe it was on Public TV…They ‘faked’ an invasion in one
    location, to divert the Germans from the actual planned invasion…Fascinating.

  2. peter45cj

    Thanks Dave hope your’e feeling better. I’ve seen this a couple of times before and It’s brilliant. Even with todays eye in the sky it would look credible.

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