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1946 Testimonial from the Wachusett Country Club

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UPDATE: Last posted October 12, 2017

The photo of the jeep underneath the letter shows it without bow holders, but with an extra spare tire carrier. Does this mean the country club ordered it this way? Were the bow holders ever installed? There have been a couple early 2As that appeared unrestored, but without bow holders. I’ve wondered if they could be ordered that way.

1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial1 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial2 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial3 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial4


7 Comments on “1946 Testimonial from the Wachusett Country Club

  1. Brandon

    I’m guessing that the first photo has been reversed. You would expect to see a bit of the steering wheel in addition to the driver side mirror if that photo is truly showing the driver side of the Jeep

  2. Barry West

    Yep and the windshield wipers prove a reversed negative in the second photo. Also, didn’t they have s fuel neck on the body, somewhere? Doesn’t show up in the first photo so sure of the reversed negative.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Yeah, that’s reversed for sure … it’s why I shouldn’t try to post these type of things super late at night!! Thanks guys!

  4. Mike

    I live ten minutes from the country club, I drive by it almost everyday, I think I’ll be stopping in to Check out the status of its whereabouts, I’ll keep you posted!!

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